How to bet on FIFA games in a smart way?

Just like physical football has a big following and fandom, the FIFA eSports has been becoming quite the sensation throughout the world quite quickly. We all remember the days we spent with our friends playing FIFA to see who would is the best player. FIFA has probably been one of the most popular games to play around the world, with thousands and even millions of teenagers spending hours upon hours competing to see who the best player is, and some even betting on the outcomes of the games. Now that we have all grown up and professional players and teams have arrived into the world of FIFA gaming, we are able to start legitimate FIFA betting, just like we would be betting on physical games. But just like we have grown up, the eSport has grown up as well. This means the rules of the game have changed, the way betting is done for this game is different and we have to learn to adapt to how things are done in the context of FIFA betting.

In order to understand the rules, we will have to grasp the context of the game. We need to understand how these rules were created, how games are played and what the gaming culture looks like. One more thing we need to discuss is the current state of the game, how the players see the state affecting their gaming experience and the expectations that you should have of the game and the eSports events that take place in the game.

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FIFA 19 betting: how it is done

So, first, let us get into how you would be going about betting on FIFA.  First of all, you need to pick the best websites to bet with, the list of which will be provided below. Most of the best betting websites will be providing users with a chance to try their hand at predicting the outcomes within games and betting on FIFA, but there will be some which will not allow for this. Still, below you will find the list of the companies that provide you with this opportunity.

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The Championships

In the real world, we have the FIFA world cup, a championship that millions of people tune in to watch every time it is aired. In the eSports world, we have the world cup as well, although it seems to be on a smaller scale right now and drawing smaller crowds. All this, for now. FIFA is growing as an eSport rather quickly, taking over the other games in the eSports genre and creating a bigger base of players and fans for itself. The thing is, FIFA is already the biggest eSport available in the world, with millions of players playing FIFA games around the world. The only problem is that not everyone has an internet connection and not everyone is aware of the eSports culture that is being built around the game. The only thing holding the game back from becoming the biggest and most famous eSport in the world, with multiple international tournaments held every year, is the fact that not everyone is exposed to the culture. And the more people get exposed to this culture, the more people will start trying to participate in championships, and more people will start placing FIFA bets in order to be more involved in the games. But before that happens, there is only one championship that you really need to be aware of. The FIFA eWorld Cup.

The eWorld Cup is a yearly occurrence in the FIFA eSports world, and it is one of the most looked forward to eSports events in the world as well. Hundreds of players around the world compete for a chance to participate in this event. The way to do so is simple – keep playing FIFA online, competing against other players, and trying to reach the leaderboards. If you manage to do so in time, you might end up playing in the championship, representing your country! While you will be barred from FIFA 19 or FIFA 20 betting, you will get a chance to participate in one of the biggest eSports events in the world. If you are lucky and skilled enough, you might even end up having a chance to win the final prize (usually amounting to something around $250 000) and get a chance to meet your football heroes – Messi, Ronaldo or whoever else you might fancy. If what interests you more than simply participating in the betting, than you are in luck. All websites listed above allow you to try betting on the FIFA eWorld Cup, and the many different strategies employed by betters and allowed by the websites are a marvel to see.

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Best FIFA 19 bet strategy

So, what are these betting strategies that seem to be so breathtaking? Well, the thing with FIFA is that there are a huge number of cogs spinning within each match to consider. Although, each cog seems to be easier to identify than it might be with first-person shooter games like Halo or CoD. The very obvious and the primary cog you need to consider is the skill of the player. It is the number one defining characteristic of the game’s outcome in most cases. The higher the skill of the player, the more likely they are to be able to perform some amazing feats of gaming, strategy, and tactics in order to outplay their opponent. But beyond that, your FIFA betting strategy should be lead by some additional details. The first is understanding how two players match up against each other – in high-tier games, it is no longer about the skill of the players, but it is also about their play styles, general strategies, and specific performance when face with distinct tactical disadvantages. These matchups are pretty hard to evaluate correctly all the time though, which is why most people tend to skip on this type of evaluation and move on to the next best thing – understanding the kind of team they have composed.

This usually reflects the kind of strategy the player is approaching the game with, but it is also a numeric representation of whether their team is better than the other team or not. If the players make some dubious choices that those trying to make a bet on FIFA 19 do not necessarily understand, the betters might turn their backs on the player. Team composition plays an important role in determining what the final outcome of a game might be, which is why fans of the eSport create entire compendiums of what each teammate a player might choose would be adding to the team or taking away from it. Just like with real football, eSports FIFA results in the fans devoting a whole lot of time to the game, understanding the statistics, and predicting the outcomes of each match-up that might happen. But what is all of this for? What kind of betting can be done with FIFA that requires so much research and such a deep understanding of the game?

  • Money line bets – This type of betting allows players to make a bet on the outcome of a single match-up. The odds are determined by what the general perception of the strengths of each of the players is. To put it simply, this kind of bet says that one player would win against the other in a specific matchup. It is the simplest type of bet to make and it is also the most popular type of bet to make in the world of FIFA betting options.
  • Outright bets – This type of bet tries to predict the future outcomes of the tournament, starting at the very beginning of the tournament. Usually, the bets are placed on teams, regions, or the players, trying to guess which two will be making it to the final. The rewards are appropriately quite high if you guess right.
  • Accumulator bets – these bets are usually a summation of multiple individual bets. The combination bets, as they are alternatively known, result in all of the odds multiplied together if the bets guessed the outcomes correctly, which results in larger overall winnings. These are usually high risk and high reward, with the number of bets you make being specifically limited to the number of games within a season. It is not recommended to try your hand at betting on FIFA 19 all of the games of the season, as the probability of you losing all of the money you bet is quite high.
  • Special bets – Special bets are basically related to something specific within a game. If you believe that specific events will take place within a game (like one of the side’s team members being kicked out because of a red card), you can place a bet on that. You can also bet on things like the number of goals a player will make, the goal difference, so on and so on. Specialized bets are hard to guess correctly and the odds usually reflect that.
  • In-play bets – Basically live-betting. This starts once the game has already begun and the action is happening. These are usually focused, just like special bets, on the events within a game, and may be related to anything that happens in a match, such as how many blocks a player might perform. These are usually quite hard to predict as well and FIFA live-betting is a bit of a complicated process.

All of these betting options are directly borrowed from the traditional football championship betting options. This means that in the offseason when your favorite teams are not playing, you can always come back to the eSport and try your hand at betting here. Although remember, placing FIFA bets takes just as much awareness of the current game context as with the real FIFA games.

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Going over the details to remember

Before you go diving headfirst into starting the whole FIFA betting process, we would like to remind you to consider a couple of things. Number one – do not underestimate the amount of knowledge you need to have of the industry to be able to successfully bet within it. It is critical to have a certain amount of information on the subject before you are able to truly appreciate who and what makes a team that you should be betting on or against. Second – remember that even if the game is developed by one of the leading developers in the industry, it is still a game. It will be subject to bugs and issues that will seem like they should have been figured out a long time ago and easily. This is why you should always take into consideration that certain games might not turn out the way you expected them to, simply because of an issue with the game. So always take into account how lucky you are actually feeling, and remember, sometimes luck may turn its back on you. These two tips things, if you remember them, will become your allies much more than they will become issues. Once you have started managing and accounting for them, you can make sure that you do not end up losing, because you have one of the best FIFA betting strategies.

The game, the culture

Now that we have discussed the way the game is played and the way the game is bet on, we should spend a few minutes talking about the game itself. Although, this will not take up too much time, after all, the entire world has at some point played FIFA. Well, this might be a bit of an exaggeration, but there is definitely cause to say that large parts of the population have definitely managed to enjoy the game at one point in their lives or another. And while not as many people have made FIFA 19 bets, there are certainly many who understand the ins and outs of the game. And yet, the game is very different from when you play it offline and with your friends, and when you play it as a competitive eSport. After all, the stakes are usually much higher with eSports. If you want to achieve a high rank when playing FIFA and maybe end up in a championship, you need to dedicate a lot of time and effort to the game. It is not just like the casual games you play with your friends in the dorm room, and it is not like the elimination competitions you and your friends used to have when you were kids.

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The eSports context

People we decide to place our FIFA wagers on do not simply play the game anymore. They spend hours upon hours playing the game, devising new strategies, picking out their best teams, working on developing said teams, and figuring out how they will be approaching the overall championship and the specific games within championships. These are players who are no less involved in the development of the games and of the players than the team managers, coaches, and the players of the real-world teams themselves. Some of these players end up practicing for games 8 hours a day and analyzing their opponents the whole time, in order to understand whether they can come up with a reliable strategy to play against them.

Usually, the FIFA players also tend to be part of eSports teams, which results in them having specific obligations towards these teams. Politics play as much of a role in defining how the players perform in the championships. A team might be affecting the performance of a player through the stress they impose upon him, the financial support they provide, the kind of morale they have overall, and so on. These teams often make trades and the changing team make up might affect the performance of the team members. Or the teams themselves might get sold and come under the ownership of someone the players themselves might not appreciate as much, in which case the performance of the players might be affected as well. It is important to take these details into account when wagering on FIFA, as they may change how everything works.

The culture

The FIFA culture is much more diverse in the ages of the players than with any other game. While you might meet one or two old-timers when playing a different game, FIFA has managed to attract all kinds of generations simply because it permits the endless enjoyment of football with your friends. As a result, you get some of the most interesting insights into the game when you go through the internet, looking for anything FIFA betting and general FIFA-related. While not the friendliest, it is full of humor and enjoyment. So even if you don’t end up enjoying your winnings through esports betting, it is for sure going to be an enjoyable experience when you spend a lot of time within the community and while playing. It is a highly competitive and yet friendly community, with many heartwarming stories taking place within the many games played over the years.

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FAQ on FIFA Betting

What are the advantages of betting on FIFA?

The benefits of betting on FIFA hold numerous advantages. First of all, matches are held on a daily basis, there are no pauses, so the punters can always find matches to place their predictions. Confrontations are not affected by third-party factors, such as weather conditions or a pandemic. Footballers present in FIFA are less prone to injuries, both physical and psychological, so they play more or less on the same level. In short, FIFA is a purely skill-based game. Of course, you need high-quality players to beat your opponents, but when we are talking about professional matches, usually this is not a real problem.

How to place bets on FIFA?

You can bet on FIFA eSports in almost all bookmakers that offer eSports in line. FIFA is in the eSports section. The main tournaments are EA Champions Cup, FIFA Interactive World Cup, Ultimate Team Championship. Events take place every few months. It is usually offered only to bet on the final part. Usually, only the 1X2 baseline is available, less often totals and goal odds. Matches are held in the usual formats bo3, bo5, and so on. It is important to know that FIFA has different categories – PC, Xbox, PS. That is, at one tournament can be played several championship titles on different platforms.