League of Legends, commonly called LoL, is perhaps the most popular MOBA (Multiplayer Online Battle Arena) game currently available. It is the main rival of Dota 2, as the latter is also the key title in esports.

Not a big surprise, League of Legends was initially inspired by the DotA modification for Warcraft 3. The developer of LoL is the highly admired company – Riot Games. To design the future giant in the MOBA industry, Riot Games at the early stages of LoL project has invited Steve Feak to participate in the further development of the game. By the way, Steve Feak is one of the founding fathers of DotA, particularly Allstars mod. The contribution of Steve Feak has become a turning point in the world of MOBA concept – League of Legends was released in 2009 and has tremendously grown in popularity ever since. More and more people are involved in LoL gambling now.

Because of the many similarities between Dota 2 and League of Legends as the representatives of the same genre, we will sometimes compare the features of these two games further.


Every LoL game is played with 2 teams and each consists of 5 players. Unlike Dota 2, League can be played on the five maps: Summoner’s Rift, The Twisted Treeline, Howling Abyss, The Butcher’s Bridge and the Crystal Scar. In esports, however, you will most likely see pro teams competing on Summoner’s Rift as the standard tournament map. Again the Summoner’s Rift reminds a lot of Dota 2 map, though it has some crucial differences.

Let’s find out the specifics of LoL betting. The main idea of LoL is to destroy the Nexus or the central building of the opposing team in the heart of the enemy base. Bases of two teams are connected by 3 “lanes”, namely the top, the bottom and the middle. Generally, lanes are the places where two teams engage in intense combat. Each base spawns AI controlled units, called “minions” in League of Legends. Minions serve as the main source of income and XP for the players. XP for killing the minions allows the players to progress in levels and learn new abilities, while the gold enables them to purchase new important items to increase the stats. Minions are spawned gradually and their assignment is to attack enemy players and destroy structures.

There are special defensive structures that are located along each lane. Known as “Turrets”, these buildings fire projectiles at enemy minions and players. Each team has 11 turrets in total – 3 of them guard each lane and 2 other turrets guard the Nexus. Next significant buildings on the map are “Inhibitors”. These structures are situated at the end of all three lanes. Inhibitors do not have an ability to attack the enemy, but destroying the opposing team’s inhibitor grants the friendly team more powerful minions – “super minions”. Destroying an inhibitor does not mean that the game is over. It is not that easy to demolish the inhibitors, because these buildings can regenerate health and respawn 5 minutes after they are destroyed.

Another aspect of the game to consider are the jungle areas. There players can earn extra gold, experience and get nice buffs by killing neutral minions called “monsters”.

We should also mention one crucial thing for LoL betting. There are special non-player characters, killing which allows the team to get a unique buff which can become a turning point in the whole game. They include Baron Nashor and the Elder Dragon. The Elder Dragon first spawn time is 2:30, whilst Baron Nashor appears only after 20:00.

League of Legends: “The Champions”

Heroes that players control during every LoL match are called “champions”. Each champion has its own particular set of 4 skills. The first three spells are basic, but the “ultimate” ability one is considered to be the most powerful. Champions differ on the type of damage (i.e. physical or magic) and pre-designed character stats.

It is important to admit that in such games like LoL and Dota 2, teamwork is the key to victory in every single match. Based on all this, the champions have to fulfill one of the many roles in order to be most effective for their team. The captains of LoL professional teams thoroughly approach to the champion picks during the tournaments. This is why it is important to consider all the champion roles to be successful at betting LoL.

The roles in LoL are not strictly defined for each champion. In fact, every champion has its primary and secondary role. So what are those roles?

  1. Marksmen and Mages This champion class is also commonly referred to as “carries”. Although these champions are weaker than other champions at the early game, they will become much stronger at the later stage. In LoL, Marksmen are described as Attack Damage carries or simply ADs. On the other hand, Mages are not dealing strong physical damage, but rather deal an enormous damage with their spells. In LoL vocabulary, Mages are called APs (stands for the Ability Power).
  2. Tanks Tanks are melee champions that are able to withstand more damage than any other character. The key mission of tanks is to protect other teammates and take most of the damage. Tanks give more space to Marksmen and Mages to effectively fight enemy champions.
  3. Fighters Fighter class is a sort of balanced choice between tanks and damage dealers. Although these champions have less survivability than tanks, they are capable of doing some damage. In solo clashes, fighters feel like the fish in the water.
  4. Supports The abilities and items of supports are directed to help the teammates with buffs, healing, warding etc.
  5. Assassins The last major champion class in League of Legends. Assassins have the set of skills which allows them to deal an incredible amount of damage to the enemy champions for a short time period. As the name suggests, assassins can kill the opposing teams quickly. For the sake of balance, assassins have initially reduced armor and health, which makes them vulnerable to the incoming damage too.


Like most MOBAs, LoL is a game that requires a good understanding of the gameplay process, well-developed strategy and a great teamwork. For those who want to bet on LoL in the long-run, this is especially important.

In reality, League of Legends is very easy to grasp, as the game is friendly to beginners. On the flip side, Dota 2 punishes for mistakes very seriously, whilst LoL does not. For instance, if you die in LoL, you will not lose a single penny of your gold. In Dota 2, the death has many bad consequences such as lagging behind other players in XP and limiting your ability to purchase items.

You can find many useful guides and tutorials for League of Legends that will help you learn every corner of the game.


Esports are usually considered to be something exotic for those who are unfamiliar with it. This is also the case with LoL. In fact, major LoL tournaments gather thousands of viewers on arenas and the interest to the title is growing day by day. Riot Games, the company behind League of Legends, hosts the biggest tournaments such as the LoL World Championship. Numbers are speaking louder than words, so to get the idea about the scale of LoL tournaments just look at the prize pool – $5,070,000 prize pool for the World Championship 2016.

It is not easy to qualify for the tournament where best of the best are determined. On top of that, every region in the world has its own pro scene, with qualifiers and local tournaments. Generally, LoL features the biggest number of tournaments than any other game in esports. For example, since the launch of LoL in 2009, there have been more than 1750 tournaments held.

Every year for LoL is called the Season and the end of each such Season the World Championship takes place. Looking back into the history of LoL tournaments, we remind you that the Season One began in July 2010 and ended in August 2011. The Season One Championship prize pool featured around $100,000. For this major tournament, the teams were training a lot and then taking part in the qualifying matches. The scale of LoL tournaments has grown since then. Even 3 years after Season 1, The Season Four Championship increased the prize pool from $100,000 to $2,130,000. This is the vivid example of the rapid growth of esports popularity.

Sometimes it can be a daunting task to track all events of the LoL pro scene. Thus, we advise you to get the schedule of all important events to ensure that you do not miss anything. LoL best betting sites usually offer such schedules to their clients, although there is another great source of information about LoL championships – Leaguepedia. When preparing this writing, we used the statistical data from this website.

On Leaguepedia, you can easily found all the information regarding LoL tournaments, check their lists, prize pool, competing teams and even more.


We believe that there is no esports betting site that does not offer LoL as one of the options to wager on. As the matter of fact, betting on LoL can be done on a great variety of websites, which offer both real and play money betting.

Unfortunately, not all regions are considering the online sports betting to be the fully legal activity, e.g. in the US. This is why clients from regions with online sports betting restrictions ask where to bet on LoL. However, in the majority of countries and jurisdictions, placing bets on traditional sports and esports too is allowed for everyone who has reached the specified age. The only way out for the US and South Korean players is the esports fantasy websites. To cut the long story short, esports fantasy sites are almost identical in terms of format to the fantasy leagues in the live action sports such as soccer, baseball, football and others. Esports fantasy sites utilize in-game stats of professional players and allow the users to create their imaginable pro team lineup to compete for the real cash prize with other users. These competitions are arranged by the fantasy esports sites on the daily, weekly, monthly and yearly basis. We advise you try to Alpha Draft and Vulcun, since these 2 sites can offer you the best experience of LoL fantasy betting.

Although fantasy esports are sometimes mistakenly considered to be unserious or childish, this is not true. Such websites provide the bettor with the great opportunity to learn all ins and outs of the pro team statistics which can be profoundly important for making well-thought stakes at LoL bookmakers.

It is hard to suggest the must-have site for betting on LoL, because all players have their own expectations from the betting website. However, there are some esports books which will satisfy even a very demanding customer: Pinnacle Sports, bet365, Ladbrokes and Betway esports.

Betting on esports is not much different from the traditional sports wagers. Hence, the player can place the bet to identify the potential winner of LoL World Championship or determine the winning team in the single LoL match. Another bet type for League of Legends may include the prediction made for the performance of the specific pro team, i.e. how far will it go to in the tournament and which place it is going to take. Likewise, the bettor may select the handicap bet on a series outcome. Check if your selected esportsbook offer this bet type.

According to the officially published statistics by Riot Games, League of Legends has one the biggest number of spectators in esports. For example, the World Championship 2015 Final was viewed by 36 millions of unique spectators on all broadcasting platforms. Overall, LoL is played by nearly 8 millions of people at the most active hours. Moreover, there are tens of millions of players that launch LoL every month, not to tell how many new people join the game.

We should also mention another eye-opening statistics. The final match of World Championship 2014 (27 million) was watched even more than the NBA 2014 Finals featuring the 18 millions of viewers. This was one of the highest records for online streaming platforms like Twitch.


Considering everything written above, we can say with confidence that watching LoL tournaments such as the World Championship is a must-have experience for betting on League of Legends. The event is held annually and gathers many viewers and esportsbooks. For those who are not really familiar with the gaming industry, it can be slightly complicated to grasp all the aspects of LoL. However, the Internet contains many guides which can facilitate the learning process very effectively, not to tell about dozens of tutorials included by Riot Games directly in LoL itself.

We strongly recommend all bettors to try playing LoL in order to study the game from A to Z. It can also be quite exciting and fun. However, for those who are too busy to play the game or just wish to extend their knowledge about tactics and esports part of LoL, watching streams of professional players can turn out to be a good solution. The number of LoL channels in Twitch and Youtube is huge, you will not have to search for too long. Overall, the whole list of professionals teams and players you can find at Leaguepedia, the site which we have mentioned above. It can provide the best LoL betting tips.

Besides watching LoL letsplays to see what pro players do, you might also be interested in checking videos related to League of Legends. Experienced players there clarify the basics of the game, teach useful strategies, tell how to make the most appropriate champion pick and a lot of other info.

Moreover, if you are eager to win great prizes at LoL fantasy betting, we would highly recommend you to pay attention to the following stats of pro players: 1) Kills/Deaths/Assists (referred to as KDA) and also check Kill/Death Ratio 2) GPM (Gold Per Minute) and general Gold count 3) XPM – Experience Per Minute. 4) “Creep Count” – this stat tells how successful is the player at “last hitting” the enemy minions during the LoL match.

To sharpen you LoL bet skills, considering these indicators of performance is vital. They are all interconnected. For example, Kills and Assists signify the amount of XP and Gold earned by the pro player within the specified time period. The higher is the number of Kills and Assists, the more advantage the player has over the opposing team. “Creep Count” is the inalienable part of enhancing the champion at the early stages of the game, allowing the player to buy new items that can give his champion the upper hand.

Likewise, Death is also the decisive factor for the well-being of the whole team during LoL match.

The intervals between the games on LoL World Championships are usually filled up with the professional analytics. LoL experts usually discuss the mistakes of pro players and always refer to their stats right after the match is played. Technically, you may find all the stats for World Championship matches on Riot Games website or check them up using Leaguepedia.


In conclusion, we can say that League of Legends can be an outstanding starting point for esports betting. Every day the number of LoL players increases. This is why the prize pool and the scale of the tournaments are growing with a lightning speed each subsequent year.

Taking into account that esports are happen to be a relatively new branch of the online betting industry. MOBAs right now are leading the way among the titles in esports. This is why placing LoL bets can be very profitable. At the beginning of this writing, we mentioned the similar game mechanics of LoL and Dota 2. For this reason, studying all the facets of LoL is the way to discover how MOBAs are played in general. Later on, you will be able to add Smite or Dota 2 as the games to bet on.