CS:GO which stands for Counter Strike: Global Offensive is the FPS (first person shooter) game which has won the hearts and minds of millions of players around the world. Counter Strike Global Offensive is the product developed by Valve Corporation, which is responsible for creating other games of the Counter Strike franchise. Being played on PC, Playstation 3 and Xbox 360, CSGO was designed as the direct sequel of Counter Strike: Source which game mechanics is still highly admired among CS fans.

Although the debut of CSGO took place on three platforms, just like other CS games it is most vigorously played on the PC. Not a huge surprise, because Counter Strike is considered to be the first iconic FPS launched on the personal computers.

Perhaps the goal of launching CSGO was not to introduce completely new gameplay or to bring some innovations. Counter Strike Global Offensive replicates the beloved gaming experience of other games in the series with substantially updated graphics. For those who do not know, the original Counter Strike started as the modification to famous Half-Life – another masterpiece of Valve. The game became a standalone product in 2000. It took 4 years to develop the consecutive game – Counter Strike: Source. As for the CSGO, it was released in the year 2012.

Now when the CSGO background is clear, let’s pass to the core part of the title – the gameplay. It will help you understand the principles of betting CSGO.


In the simplest terms, CSGO is about the short 5 vs 5 fights. These clashes occur between two teams: “Counter-Terrorists” and “Terrorists”. Unlike Dota 2 or League of Legends, teams fight on multiple maps that have their own specifics. Although there are many modes for playing Counter Strike Global Offensive, the CS in esports is represented by the Competitive Mode. Knowing this, we will devote our time to explain the game rules here.

In CSGO, every match consists of 30 rounds which are played on one map. The first team to reach the 16 won rounds is defined as the winner. To add more dynamics or versatility, Terrorists and Counter-Terrorists players switch sides after 15 rounds of the match are finished.

In the competitive mode, there are two scenarios that are played separately on the particular maps – the Bomb scenario and the Hostage scenario. In CS pro scene, however, the Hostage scenario is not used but this can change in the future.

In the bomb scenario, the main assignment of the Terrorist team is to place and successfully detonate the bomb at two fixed locations – Point A or Point B. On the other hand, the Counter-Terrorist team is playing the defensive role and they are obliged to prevent the Terrorists from the bomb being placed. If they are late, there is a chance to defuse the bomb and take the round. Generally, it takes 40 seconds for the bomb to go off and bring the victory to the Terrorists. However, players are not required to stick with each scenario to win the round. Most frequently, teams choose the other path – to eliminate all the enemy players.

In case the match is played with the Hostage scenario, Terrorists become defenders and Counter-Terrorists are happen to be attackers. The task of Counter-Terrorists is to convey the hostages to the escape points, similar to those in the bomb scenario. Indeed, the Terrorists cannot let the other team reach their goal. Overall, the division of the roles on “defenders” and “attackers” is provisional, meaning that many switches can occur during the match.

There is one thing that should be considered for CSGO bets. Major CSGO tournaments have the stage known as the best of 3 or its common abbreviation – BO3. In this format, pro teams try to take the two maps, the first team to do this considered to be victorious. In BO3 draw is always excluded as a potential result of the game. If the score is 1:1 between two team – they will play the decisive 3rd map.


As you might have noticed, Counter Strike: Global Offensive has many unique game aspects which make the game stand out in comparison to other popular FPS like Battlefield, Call of Duty or Destiny. We would like to outline all the peculiarities of CSGO.

First of all, players cannot respawn during the round played in the CSGO competitive mode. Only after the particular round is finished, players in both teams will respawn. In addition, unlike Battlefield franchise which constantly divides players into the specific classes (Assault, Support, Medic or Sniper), CSGO players are different only on the basis of the weapon they pick. Moreover, it is impossible to aim down the sights of the chosen weapon – only by using the customizable screen crosshair. The only exemptions are sniper rifles and some of the assault rifles. Essentially, players buy new weapons each round with the money they got for kills and for fulfilling the scenario objective. The first and the sixteenth rounds are obligatory pistol rounds and each player starts with the default pistol.

Another important distinction of Counter Strike rounds is their length. As the matter of fact, every round in CSGO lasts no more than 2 minutes. There are no available vehicles in CSGO like the tanks, AT guns, jets or helicopters in Battlefield series. On top of that, players cannot get any kind of the “kill streak” or “score streak” which provide extra perks to the player, e.g. calling the airstrike, using controlled missile or getting a massive machine gun to shoot down all the opponents.

Lastly, the survivability of the player depends on the health points (HPs) and the armor + helmet that can be purchased in the shop. It is vital to admit that there is no such thing as the health regeneration in CSGO. For this reason, before dying the player simply cannot hold out against as many hits as in Call of Duty, to give an example.

There is no doubt that the replay value is immensely high in CSGO. Moreover, CS is the game with a considerable lifespan which can attract gamers for many years to come. This is why CSGO betting presents genuine interest for many online bettors. Most importantly, Counter Strike games are not released yearly as Call of Duty or Battlefield. These much-talked-of game franchises simply reflect the competition between two giant publishers (EA and Activision), so they mainly hunt for the profit goals.

This is why CSGO has managed to become one of the crucial esports disciplines, since the players have a real motivation to improve their gaming skills, deepen understanding of each CS map, learn new strategies and more.


In terms of wagering opportunities,CSGO is similar to traditional sports betting and other esports disciplines like Dota 2 or League of Legends. Thereby, every player can choose among the following kinds of bets on Counter Strike Global Offensive matches – Real Money, Virtual Cash and In-game item betting. Now we are going to review each type in detail.

CSGO best betting sites: Using Real Money

Betting on CSGO is possible with real cash to earn a high monetary prize. There are a lot of online betting websites that employ CSGO esports betting. Well-established sites like Pinnacle, Betway and bet365 provide multiple options to wager on the outcome of the CSGO matches or predict the winner of the wide range of pro leagues. Thus you may access match bets, outright bets, accumulator bets, live betting and others.

Another option for cash betting is fantasy esports. One of the CSGO best betting sites for fantasy leagues is Vulcun. It is especially advantageous for those players coming from the regions, where online sports betting is considered an illegal activity. In CSGO fantasy betting the person selects pro players from the existing roster to form his own “dream team”. Fantasy betting is provided in the form of the special event – fantasy league, where there are hundreds of participants that compete with their own CSGO lineups. The winner gets a real money prize. Some CSGO fantasy leagues are free to join, while others are accessible for a small fee. How is the winner identified? Well, all professional players have the performance stats during the particular esports events. The better the pro player performs, the better his stats are. The overall performance of all players in the fantasy CSGO team reflects its position towards other fantasy lineups in the league.

In order to learn more details about the fantasy CSGO competitions, visit Vulcun website and check their FAQ.

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Where to bet on CSGO: Practicing with Virtual Cash

CSGO can be a good starting point for esports betting. However, like in any other craft it is required to know how to bet, understand all the basic concepts and be able to control the possible negative impact of emotions. This is when virtual money betting comes into play. With the help of play cash, the beginner will be able to sharpen his skills in a risk-free environment.

On the other hand, esports may be unfamiliar to the bettors that previously focused on the conventional sports. Such players often hesitate to dip the toe in the water, so play money esports betting can be a perfect choice to become more confident.

Betting in CSGO: Using cosmetic in-game items

Wagering with in-game content is quite fashionable right now. The process is almost the same as in Dota 2 item betting. Where to bet on CSGO? The player should definitely try the website called CSGOLounge. Unlike the great variety of items in Dota 2 that may change the overall game outlook, CSGO has pretty limited in-game content – only the weapon skins. Other types of items in CSGO do not exist, as they would adversely affect the game balance.

Nevertheless, some of these weapon skins have a great money value, e.g. skins for knives. Such items can reach the price of several hundreds of USD in the Steam Marketplace. Within the game, skins represent the paint-job for each particular weapon. These items can be received after the match randomly or can be obtained after opening the skin case for the real money.

Of course, every CSGO skin has its own rank towards the other items. The item rarity can be categorized in the following way:

  • Consumer Grade – White
  • Industrial Grade – Light Blue
  • Mil-spec – Darker Blue
  • Restricted – Purple
  • Classified – Pinkish Purple
  • Covert – Red
  • Exceedingly Rare – Marked with a Star (★)

Returning to the betting, people use CSGO items from their Steam arsenal on the betting sites like CSGOLounge to wager on the particular CS tournament. For winning the bet, the player will get more exclusive items. If the player is not lucky enough, he will lose all the items previously deposited. To help you see the bigger picture, the rarity of items and their quantity depends on the size of the wager and the odds specified by the betting site for the certain CSGO match.


There are some sites that hold a sort of in-game content lottery, which is a highly promising form of gambling for esports. Talking about Counter Strike: Global Offensive in particular, the player can benefit from taking part in the daily lotteries provided by CSGOJackpot. Let’s make this type of betting crystal-clear for you.

Firstly, to enter the lottery on CSGOJackpot, the player has to meet the minimum deposit requirement – put up items which collective value is at least 10 USD. The nature of CSGO lottery is absolutely random and the potential prize is usually in the form of items that other lottery participants have used as the stake. Once the lottery is finished, the winners are chosen by the website software.

It is legitimate to ask about the item prices, i.e. if the sites provide real value for the CSGO skins on the market. Well, the website like CSGOJackpot get the latest quotes from the Steam Analyst to provide the best quality of CSGO betting on items. Some betting sites may utilize their own price estimation model.

The actual lottery begins as soon as the prize pool has reached the required cap of 50 weapon skins. Players are rewarded in the real-time, so all the jackpots are visible to every participant – this is completely transparent. The total prize in dollar terms is different, since the quantity and rarity of items might vary substantially. CSGOJackpot quite often experiences the prize pools more than $1,000.

Some people may worry about the inequality of wagers. For instance, one player puts up 2 items of Industrial Grade quality, while the other one makes the stake with one knife and the skin of Classified quality. The situation, when the first player gets everything and the second one is left with nothing is impossible. Therefore, the chances of each player to win a nice jackpot are reflected by the price of the item they use for the wager. The more expensive the skin is, the more chances that this player will be lucky.

Although CSGO gambling on items can bring quite pleasing results, there is one problem that should be mentioned. As we have said above, every in-game item has its own monetary value. This is why many individuals are interested in exchanging their rare items for the real cash. Such transaction is always risky, as the third-party websites that are willing to buy expensive items are usually unregulated by any reputable institution. Until these sites stay in the shadow, dealing with them might be dangerous.

Unfortunately, it is impossible to sell the items for real via Steam and then withdraw them from the Steam wallet. Therefore, any in-game item sold to another player on the Marketplace brings money which can be then used for internal transfers such buying more items or even the whole games. Other operations are forbidden on this gaming platform.


Although CSGO tournaments are not so large as Dota 2 events, the esports audiences are always willing to watch intense fights of various pro teams. In terms of the prize pool, it may range depending on the scale of the tournament – from $1,000 up to quarter million of USD.

The main tournament for CS:GO is considered to be ESL League. In the year 2016, there were tournaments – ESL One Cologne 2016 (prize pool was $1,000,000) and ESL One New York 2016 (prize pool was $250,000). SK Gaming, the winner of ESL One Cologne 2016 got $500,000 for the getting first place. For the second tournament, Na’VI got the $125,000 prize. Such large prize pools became possible with the help of Valve.

Although CSGO ESLs cannot compete with the Dota 2 International 2016 with the prize pool of $20,000,000, they are still exciting to bet on at multiple CSGO bookmakers. The problem with a lower prize pool in CSGO is the absence of opportunity to raise more money. For instance, the massive prize pool for the International is achieved by releasing Compendiums, where part of the sales of this in-game content goes to the tournament prize-money. It is impossible to release something similar for CSGO considering the limited variety of in-game items. Like we have said above, releasing new types of in-game content for CSGO may damage the game balance significantly. Dota 2 in this sense is more flexible.

Despite all the pitfalls of CSGO tournaments, their popularity still cannot be contested among the FPS fans.


Every esport requires the bettor to know all ins and outs of the particular game. This is why it is important to accumulate the knowledge, especially about CSGO. Let’s find out in which way.

The first and foremost, to know the game you have to play it. Therefore, we would recommend you to devote some of your time to playing CSGO, if for some reasons you are not doing it right now.

Secondly, observing the streams of pro players is not only exciting, it can be profitable for any CSGO bet you will conduct in the future. The best way to watch them is via Twitch or Youtube. There are many channels related to CSGO, where you can find tons of tutorials about the game and receive an expert pro match analysis. Casters usually spend a lot of their free time at the game, so they can share their valuable experience and understanding of the pro team weak and strong sides, e.g. advantages and disadvantages of the team on the particular map, instability of the team roster and so on.

Now the most unexpected – you should watch CSGO tournaments. There is no need to explain the advantages of doing this. To track the latest information about the pro scene, we recommend you to use Liquipedia. There you can also view the history of past events, team profiles, prize pools, match results etc. All this will provide you with the best CSGO betting tips.

Fantasy leagues can also come handy. By making small wagers at AlphaDraft or Vulcun, you will be able to learn more about the individual performance of the certain CSGO player. On a side note, these websites usually have an extensive statistics in free access for every participant of the pro scene.


Overall, it is very hard to determine the best esports analytics provider, CSGO is not an exception. The only effective way to analyze CSGO matches professionally is to learn personally, either by watching pro games or by listening to what pro players are saying. The more you know, the more chances to bet on CSGO successfully.