How to bet on video games and make money off of them

There are a lot of places to bet on the esports events. Perhaps one of the main questions regarding the sites that allow eSports game betting is where to get the best product coverage, meaning where you can get the types of eSports video game betting you want and the games that you want to bet on. Unfortunately, the fact that the eSports industry is so young, makes it hard for users to find the best combinations since websites don’t usually offer all of the services that people would like. There are currently we can distinguish 3 main types of eSports betting sites:

  1. Traditional sportsbooks – websites like Betway eSports and Pinnacle that do not offer too many games and only traditional betting schemes.
  2. Video game betting websites – websites like GG bet and Esportsbetting, that offer eSports focused betting
  3. Fantasy esports sites – A very niche type of betting for those versed in the events of a tournament

If you are trying to choose a website to start working with, the first question you should be asking is “which eSport to bet on?”. Let’s find out!

The best Video games to bet on in 2019

There are many eSports available online right now, but there is only a handful that is actually worth looking at and betting on and most of the best computer games betting sites have. The handful of games have a long history of being played and a long history of being loved by fans, which is what led to the eventual foundation of professional leagues for the games. The fans that gathered together into pro teams and started competing within the games. So let us take a look at some of the biggest video games of 2019 in esports and of all time in general and find out their history, as well as why you should consider betting on them. Remember, these are games you can bet on, so being careful with which one you choose is important.

Starcraft 2

list of best betting sitesStarcraft 2 is one of the longest-running eSports in the history of the industry. It was one of the first games that players got organized for and started playing in competitions. The main stage of the competitions was, as many of you already know, South Korea. The history of the game starts in 2002 when some of the first teams and competitions got sponsored by Samsung, and a number of other South Korean companies, and got nationally televised. Since then the game manages to become internationally famous and many English speaking countries started participating in it too. The game has recently seen a resurgence, with Blizzard announcing its own league recently. Starcraft 2 betting is available on many of the best eSports websites during MLG season, which is some of the most looked forward to eSports tournaments.


eSports odds comparisonSmite is the strange child of the classic MOBA games that changed the way people think about MOBA games and how they envision them when it first came around. A relative newcomer to the scene, this MOBA is a 3rd person game of casting spells and utilizing MOBA strategies. It quickly became famous after its introduction to the gaming scene in 2014 thanks to the fast-paced and immersive action that is presented to the users. While Smite is not as big as the two other most popular MOBAs in the world, it is quite popular on its own and betting on Smite is easily available for those who are interested. Although, before you do get into the whole Smite betting ordeal, learn about what the game looks like right now and how things are done.

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

best bet CSGOBe honest with yourself, you have heard of Counter-Strike and you have played it. A significant part of the world has spent their entire lives playing this game, perfecting their skills and their strategies, but despite this, they have never even come close to being the best players in the world. Those who are the best players in the world are some of the most impressive gamers across the board. This is why the CSGO betting is such a popular way for gamers that could not become amazing players to make money on the game. The CSGO community is huge, which is why it is important to acquaint yourself with it – the likelihood of you being a successful better in the context of the game without being aware of the community is low. So spend some time reading our CSGO betting tips and learn about the best websites and the best ways to bet on the game.

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eSports betting reviewOverwatch is the baby project for Blizzard that quickly became one of the more popular projects of theirs. It was quickly accepted into the ranks of the most popular first-person shooter esports games, with thousands of players worldwide flocking to the game. The ranking system that was introduced with the game allowed certain players to rise above others in terms of skill and ambition, and soon enough the game created its own league for the players to enjoy. Now the Overwatch league is easy to watch both through the game and anywhere online and is very popular among betters and non-betters alike. Most that allow users to bet on eSports games also offer the users a chance to participate in the betting for this game, while the roster and the skill of the teams are impressive enough to warrant many options for interesting Overwatch betting.


free competitive gamesHearthstone is another project by Blizzard, but it is also younger than many of the other games present on here. This deck stacking card game was a little strange for many to see become so popular as an eSport, but just like with all sports, it quickly became quite popular. The prize pools for the game keep growing year to year and the fact that only one person ends up winning the prize means that the money made by the players is huge. The game is rather complex and requires quick thinking skills and a lot of pre-game preparation to do right. This is why the betting pools for Hearthstone are not as large as with some of the other games, but all of the top computer game betting websites offer a chance to bet on the leagues. The complexity of the game requires the better to spend a lot of time understanding the game, so don’t be ashamed to spend a lot of time reading about Hearthstone betting.

League of Legends

Skin betting sitesFar as most of the world is concerned, there are only two MOBA games (which is of course wrong). League of Legends is one of these MOBA games, and it is one of the largest, most played eSports around the world. Rit games created the game years ago and have since grown with the game, creating a whole culture around the MOBA miracle that brought the part of the world that didn’t like DOTA 2 into the fold of MOBA gamers. The game has been growing non-stop, which is rather impressive for a game that has been around for more than ten years. This is thanks to the constant updates that the game goes through – introducing new characters, reworking old ones, creating new metas, adding new game modes an most importantly, updating the gameplay to be enjoyable. That’s why it is important to remain updated about League of Legends before you start betting on LOL so that you are up o date on all the things that are important in the game.

DotA 2

bitcoin esports bettingDefence of the Ancients is the game that created the genre, ad DotA2 is the game that currently dominates the genre in most of the world. This game is one of the most popular in the world, which is why it has one of the largest prize pools in the world, year after year, offering players a chance to take a part of the $20 million from the championship (If you want to play video games for money, this is the game for you). The huge pool of players trying to be part of the eSport, which is why the betting culture for the game is so huge. If you want to take part in it, all of the best video game wager sites offer a chance to make a bet, but you should get acquainted with the game first. If you are not aware how complicated DotA 2 is, now is your chance find out, so that you can make sure that the DotA 2 bets you make are not going to end up being useless. Fortunately for you, there are many DotA 2 betting sites to pick from, and any DotA 2 betting site you choose will offer you a chance to bet the way you want, although we still recommend sticking with the best betting sites that are available. 

Call of Duty

eSports betting guideCall of Duty is one of the top competitive FPS games of 2019. The reason for this is simple 0 the western part of the world adores the game. The community behind the game is vast, and the players who participate in the many leagues and events held for the game are too many to count on the fingers of all of the writers in our offices (that’s not that many fingers tbh). The game is especially popular with those who do their eSports betting USA style, meaning during the time when most of the rest of the world is knocked out. The many leagues, both major and minor, that offer a chance to play the games mean that you should spend a few hours researching the leagues, the teams that participate in them, who the best players are. These are the CoD betting tips you need (not the ones you deserve), in order to become a successful better.


best betting websitesRarely is there a game with a strong a cult following as Halo. Calling it a cult following would not be doing the game justice, as the audience playing the game is huge, with the number of games in the series and the beauty and skill put into the game rivalling that of the best games of all times. The history of the game stretches back two decades, and each one of those years has been graced by one Halo championship or another. The game series is the one that started the entire eSports championship craze in the United States, meaning that together with SC2, it is the first ever eSports game to exist in the history of the world (also DotA is another game in the list of pioneers, but that’s a different topic). Halo betting is not a complex process, what is complex is understanding the current team player rosters and which team is most likely to be successful, so getting some Halo betting tips might be a good idea.


If you are reading this, you have probably played FIFA at some point in your life. It is not a guess, it is a rule for many of the people who have ever played videogames. FIFA is the one unifier that all gamers around the world have . You might not have liked paying it, buy your friend did and you played because of it being a two-person game. Now, just like with normal football games, you will be able to start betting on FIFA championships that take place around the world. The thing is, every year the FIFA game gets updated with new players, stats and sometimes even strategies, so it is important to learn about the game and pick up some FIFA betting tips in order to be able to successfully bet within the context of the game.

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How betting on eSports games works

There are two ways to play videogames for money. The first way is to simply dedicate as much time as you humanly can to becoming better at the game of your choice and eventually, possibly becoming good enough to compete with and against the pros. The time and dedication required to do it are insane, so most normal people opt for the easier option of sticking with betting on games that they know a lot about. This is why the most popular eSports games to bet on are the ones that were quite popular originally. Online games that compete in them and are popular usually end up with people who are extremely skilled and people who want to make money on the skill of these players. But, beyond simply knowing the games, there are additional things to consider before you bet on video games. Such as when can you bet on games, how do you bet on them, what games can you bet on where and so on.


Most of the betting that ever happens within the eSports scene usually takes place during the time when some o the major leagues are taking place around the world. These are the tournaments and leagues that the biggest websites keep track of, including the ones that barely concentrate on eSports. In order to start betting on the game you want to make money off of, you need to be aware when the tournaments are taking place. Each game has its own major tournament that takes place during the year, but there are also certain combination tournament events that usually have several game tournaments happening over time. Here is a quick list of the most popular eSports tournaments in the US and around the world. 

is Fortnite eSportsSMITE world championship

Just as the name implies, this championship concentrates mostly on SMITE. It is also the one that you should be keeping track of if you intend to be betting on smite at any point. This is a world championship so most of the best teams in the world will be participating in it, or at least be trying to. If you are aware of the players that are part of this tournament, you are aware who the best players in the game are and who you should be betting on if you end up looking to bet on Smite minor leagues.

dota 2 betting site

ESL World Convention

ESL World Convention is one of the largest combination events for the most popular MLG games, including CSGO, League of Legends, Call of Duty and so on. These are private events held in several countries throughout the year that attract the attention of people from across the world. Some of the best players participate in the event that has been happening since the early 2000s. Definitely, one of the best tournaments to keep an eye on and to bet on computer games in it.

bet on smiteCall of Duty World League

What is better than you getting to watch one of the top eSports games to bet on in 2019 getting played and seeing the best players perform things that you could never even dare to do? Well, betting on the game for sure. There is no better time to start betting on CoD than when the Call of Duty World League is taking place. This championship has been around for a long time and has offered fans a chance to see some of the most impressive gameplay moments over the years.

first person shooter esports gamesFIFA Interactive World Cup

If you love FIFA interactive, you love FIFA world cup. The reason is simple – it is like the real FIFA world cup, except a videogame where anything and everything is possible. Watching the FIFA world cup is an amazing time that allows a fan to test all of their theories and bet on the victory of their favourite players. Most websites allow FIFA Interactive World Cup betting, so making sure that you are aware of the event and prepared for it guarantees you being part of the biggest betting pools, possible.

top eSports games 2018Fortnite World Cup

Fortnite World Cup is happening for the first time in 2019, and it is already one of the biggest events in the history of eSports. If you had ever asked the question “is Fortnite eSports?”, then here is your answer, and it comes with a $100 000 000 prize pool. What is even more fun is that there are already some top websites allowing you to start betting on the event, so that most of you will get the chance to enjoy at least some winnings, if not a slice of the prize pool.

free competitive gamesHalo Championship Series

Halo Championship Series saw a temporary decline in popularity at a certain point in its history, but it has since managed to gather more popularity over the past few years. If you have at any point wanted to bet on Halo, this is the event to keep on your radar at all times. Some of the biggest eSports teams participate in the championship and it is a pleasure to watch and to enjoy. Moreover, the betting on Halo championship is fun and easy to do, with a huge number of players participating in the process.

most popular mlg gamesGlobal Starcraft II League

Is one of the several championships held around the world, and it is also one of the most popular eSports games of 2018. Starcraft 2 has seen a sharp increase in popularity over the years and as a result has also seen the number of people participating in the betting process, as well as in the number of championships held each year. This one is one of the most important championships to be aware of, as it allows the chance to bet in one of the largest Starcraft 2 betting pools throughout the year.

GG betLeague of Legends World Championship

Speaking of the biggest eSports games 2018, this one is possibly the one that takes the cake. The League of Legends World Championship had an incredible amount of people tuning in to watch it last year, and it was one of the most interesting years to watch the drama unfold. The prize pool was pretty huge as well, which is probably what drove the fans to bet as much as they did this year around. The competition is only growing in size and some very interesting changes might be taking place in the near future.

play videogames for moneyOverwatch League

The Overwatch league started off pretty small but has managed, in the years of its existence, to attract millions of fans’ eyes. The official event is one of the only and the most important Overwatch events being held around the world and hosts some of the best players in the Western Hemisphere. Players watch this championship to identify any changing metas, while those who want to bet on Overwatch spend every minute of the period of this league waiting for minor changes to bet on.

sSports bettingThe International

The International is the biggest DotA 2 competition in the world. What else do you need to hear from us to believe that it is also the most important event to watch if you want to bet on DotA 2? Just get your attention span together for long enough to observe the matches and you can learn who and when to bet on in a way to make you a lot of money. Just make sure you understand what is going on in the moment, otherwise, you won’t be able to make any useful bets.

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There are also eSports minor leagues and amateur leagues that you could keep track of, but there are none that are significant enough for major betting sites to offer to bet on them. The only option you might have are niche websites that might offer to bet on one game, but we would advise against working with those, as they are likely to be nothing but a scam.

eSports Olympics

There are discussions that eSports should be made part of the Olympics, as they are quite popular and some believe would make for some very interesting events to watch. While we are not going to specifically state our opinion, we are going to say that the odds of this happening are pretty low. Still, it might be interesting to see this happen and maybe, just maybe, someday, we will be able to call NiNja an Olympic contender?

Picking the best video game wager sites

We should say that esports is still perceived as an innovative type of online game betting. Although Pinnacle pioneered at offering esports on the global level in the year 2010, esports still need more worldwide recognition like football or tennis. Traditional sportsbooks are aware that console betting is growing in popularity with lightning speed. Despite these, the major betting sites like Pinnacle still hesitate from offering betting chances on some of the most popular sports. Thankfully, there are websites that actually concentrate on eSports, which are the ones that you should be looking to betting on video games with. They work with proven eSports but do not shy away from allowing players to bet on less popular tournaments and to enjoy their time, while also guaranteeing that there will be no such thing as foul play.


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Unlike huge companies that offer esports only partially, there are esports-focused betting sites like Unikrn where you will find a wide range of products. They include exotic bets with high limits so that the very passionate esports players will find the best option where to place bets on esports, according to the free competitive games that they enjoy and want to place bets on.

Perhaps, the main pitfall of such websites is the lack of other betting options. Not all bettors are looking solely for esports. Some individuals are either willing to try esports wagering or wish to combine it with traditional forms of online betting. Apart from this, big sportsbooks are more regulated and better known. This is why people regard eSports-focused websites with a bit of caution. However, this problem is going to be eliminated with the further development of the industry and you will get to enjoy betting on the best competitive games Xbox one. 

Benefits of eSports betting websites

There are some additional benefits to working with mobile games betting websites and game betting websites, some of them stemming from the encouragement of the industry to grow.

  • The ease of access to eSports betting tips that such websites provide, and the applicability of these tips to everything that such tips provide the user with. Specifically a higher success rate and the potential to win more money.
  • Constant tracking of upcoming eSports events and knowledge of the participants in the events. This kind of knowledge allows you to be aware of when and where the best events in the industry are happening, which allows you to plan ahead and prepare for the bets that you would like to place in the near future. They might even start racking minor events that would enable to bet offseason when the rest of the industry “sleeps”.
  • The possibility of mobile eSports games betting. Websites are not currently able to offer this service to its full extent, but some are capable of supporting apps and are in the process of further developing these for the use of their clients. With enough support and attention, users will be able to make their bets from the comfort of wherever they are, without having to worry about sitting at a computer to be able to place bets. Some websites already offer mobile support, which is a great opportunity for the eSports fan to start betting at their convenience.
  • Multiple types of betting available on a single platform. There are several types of betting that the industry and some websites permit their users to enjoy all of them. Whether players want to try match betting, Fantasy betting or Skin betting, some websites permit an opportunity for all of them. Although most have a specialization that they do not stray too far from.

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A unique type of eSports betting: Fantasy eSports

Fantasy esports can be a great alternative to both sportsbooks and e-gaming betting websites. In fantasy esports, the better is not predicting the outcome of a match.  The person is creating a fantasy eSports team. The logic goal is to choose the best pro players from the real roster and bet on their composite performance for the specific events. The player competes with other users on the website. At the end of the esports event, the best fantasy team is determined and then rewarded. Fantasy esports is less risky than traditional online esports betting. Although, not all games allow Fantasy betting to be easy – specifically, single player games. But, if a game is a single player one (such as Fortnite) there is no way for Fantasy betting. Games with active Fantasy betting communities are:

  • League of Legends
  • DotA 2
  • Overwatch
  • Call of Duty

Things to remember

There is no universal option of an eSports betting website, but there are things to consider before making the final choice. When choosing sites that allow eSports bet, it is vital to consider your previous betting experience and the available options for the certain game title (e.g. live betting). In addition, it is highly recommended to read eSports betting sites reviews to discover what the odds for esports matches are and how quickly they are displayed. Other factors that should be taken into account is the legal background of the betting website, namely its license and the location where it is registered. This will provide the basic idea if the site is a worthwhile place where to bet on esports games or not. Just remember, picking a website to bet with is not as simple as answering the question “what eSport should I play?”. It takes time and research to identify the potential website, does not shy away from it.

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