Without a doubt, MOBA genre is now the most popular for esports. A lot of people are familiar with such titles like Dota 2 or LoL. They have the biggest prize pools for tournaments, where best teams compete.

From the technological standpoint, both LoL and Dota 2 use top-down perspective, which was immensely popular 15-20 years ago. Such technology seems to be slightly outdated, especially for the gamers of the young generation. Although players still feel excited about these games despite the type of the perspective used, this is less convenient than the third-person view. There are few MOBAs which employ third-person perspective. However, there is one that definitely stands out among the others – Smite.

Unlike the classical model of the MOBA game, Smite is the third-person multiplayer battle arena game that was released on March 25, 2014. The company, which developed this title, is known as Hi-Rez Studios. Smite is the primary project of this company. With the help of modern technologies and Unreal Engine 3 graphic engine, Smite offers an excellent gaming experience.

In addition to the PC version, Hi-Rez Studios released the console version of the game on PS4 and Xbox One. Before we start discussing where to bet on Smite, let’s see what does this game represent.

smite game


Smite setting is based on the mythologies of different nations. This is why all the characters in the game are gods, goddesses and other creatures from the myths.

The game features many modes, though the Conquest is the most famous one. It is the main game mode for the major Smite tournaments. Each Smite match involves 2 teams which consist of five players each. These two teams start at the opposite sides of the map in the place called The Fountain. Every player of the team is granted the particular amount of gold, which is primarily used to purchase the starting items. Like most items in the MOBA genre, they provide the selected god with some buffs or active abilities that can be used to the player’s advantage. In the course, the players will be able to buy more expensive items to enhance their heroes.

The bases of two teams are connected with 3 lanes, which run from one side of the map to the other one. There are also defensive towers located across each lane. At the end of each lane, there is a powerful “Phoenix”. Both towers and Phoenixes serve to protect the friendly lanes and to attack all the enemies that approach the base too close. Besides the lanes, there is also the jungle area where the players can kill neutral monsters for gold, experience and different temporary buffs. There are two powerful monsters which appear not quite often during the game – the Fire Giant and the Gold Fury. Unlike other monsters, the buffs are granted to the whole team once the rare monster is killed.

So what is the goal of the game and particularly the Conquest mode? Each team has to defeat the Titan, which is the giant warrior located at the base. The first team to kill the enemy Titan is the winner of the match. The Titan is invulnerable at the start of the match, and main condition to fight it is to destroy all the towers and Phoenix at least on one of the lanes. During the game, there are waves of small AI-controlled units called “minions” that spawn every 30 seconds at each Phoenix. Minions move along all 3 lanes and their main objective is to attack other minions, enemy gods and towers.

In case the game is going not in the favor of one of the teams, there is always the option to surrender. It is important to consider such outcome when placing a Smite bet. This, however, requires 4 out 5 players to accept capitulation, otherwise it will not be triggered.

Smite Basics: The gods

Right now players can pick one of the 81 gods coming for 8 different pantheons: Roman, Norse, Greek, Japanese, Chinese, Egyptian, Hindu and Mayan. Every god features the basic attack and 4 unique skills that give each hero the advantage on the battlefield. The abilities of gods in Smite include area damage, temporary augmentations, healing, crowd control and so on. The skills are upgraded each time the god gets a new level. The maximum level for gods in Smite is 20. In order to purchase new items, the god has to do a lot of “farming”. This means that the player should get gold for his hero by last hitting minions, killing neutral monsters, destroying structures, getting assists and finally – eliminating enemy gods. The player can also sell the items that he already owns. It is also important to admit that two players coming from the same team are not allowed to choose the identical god.

In Smite, each god has a role for which he is the most suitable. In this case, the abilities and stats of the hero are taken into account. In every team, players choose roles they feel most comfortable at. This is directly linked to the pro player’s performance, which should always be considered in Smite betting.

Let’s check what are the roles in this game:

  • Mid
  • AD Carry
  • Support
  • Jungler
  • Solo

The god which choose the “Mid” role farms the middle lane. Since the god on the middle receives more gold and experience than other teammates, he is expected to aid other friendly heroes with so-called “ganks” if there is a necessity.

AD Carry. The carry begins the Smite match in the duo lane. Carries start with weak stats, but become stronger later. Smite carriers are the main damage dealers which lead the whole team to the victory, though they require a lot of farming to reach their goal. The carry usually shares the lane with the Support.

On the other side of the coin, the Support is not the aggressive hero class like Carry. In Smite, such gods are staying in the duo lane to assist the carry and help other teammates in the course of the match.

Next goes Jungler. As the name suggests, junglers are super-efficient at killing neutral minions in the jungle areas for getting XP and diverse buffs. They spend their time in the jungle until they get strong enough to join the team skirmishes.

Solo is the role which selects the god who farms the “solo” lane. Just like the “Mid” role, Solo gods receive more XP and gold. This advantage can be used to help other teammates or fulfill other objectives such as the map control or roaming.


Smite belongs to the top 3 most played MOBAs. The dynamic and competitive gameplay were the primary reasons why Smite has made a successful way to professional esports. Now the popularity of Smite betting is hard to contest.

The debut of Smite as the esports discipline took place in January, 2015 – the first Smite World Championship was held in Atlanta, Georgia, the US. For a relatively new game at that time, the tournament had an enormous prize pool – $2,6 million. This is the third largest prize pool in the history of esports. The tournament featured eight best teams competing for the title of the Smite World Champion. The winner of this tournament was the North American team called COGnitive Prime, which was rewarded with more than $1.3 million for getting the first place. As for the second place, the prize was $522,000. The organizer of the event was the developer of Smite – Hi-Rez Studios.

After such a tremendous success, Hi-Rez Studios has limited the prize pool for the subsequent World Championships to $1 million. Such unexpected decision was taken on the basis of spreading the huge prize pool on minor events throughout the year, e.g seasonal tournaments. Although the majority of players associate Smite World Championship with the PC platform, the game in fact is played professionally on Xbox One. The first major tournament on Xbox One took place at the beginning of the year 2016.

All the largest Smite tournaments are available to watch on the live stream via Twitch and Smite TV account. In order to bet on Smite properly, it is important to keep with all the tournaments. This is why bettors should always view some useful websites such as Smite esports web page, Smite Wiki. These sites provide the constantly updated listing of the pro teams and schedules for the main Smite competitions.


As we have mentioned above, Smite is a fresh title in esports. This is the reason why the major online sports betting bookmakers are only about to include Smite in the betting. Nevertheless, some great esportsbooks already offer betting on Smite, such as Betway eSports and Pinnacle eSports. Of course, the main focus of the esports betting sites is on more popular games like Dota 2, League of Legends or Counter Strike: Global Offensive. Therefore, Smite best betting sites mostly provide odds for the larger tournaments such as the Smite World Championship. Except for traditional bets such as the predicting the winner of the match or tournament, those who are interested in Smite wagering should definitely try fantasy betting.

The best place for Smite fantasy betting is Alpha Draft. The site allows creating fantasy team consisting of professional players on the Smite pro scene and get the real money prize for their successful performance during the specific tournament. As an alternative to real money fantasy betting, it is also recommended to check ESL Smite fantasy league. This can be particularly interesting for regular Smite players, because the rewards for winning this fantasy league competition is granted in the form of “gems”. This is the in-game currency for Smite, which allows to unlock new characters and obtain the cosmetic items for entire pool of gods. However, this is not the best option for bettors who are not playing the game.

Smite is growing with the high speed as the esports discipline, so studying all ins and outs of the game is the investment in the future benefits. Being one of the Smite bookmakers is highly profitable Why? Let’s discover further.

First of all, Smite has a very high replay value, which makes it a viable esports title with a potentially long lifespan. What supports this idea is the great prize pool for the first Smite World Championship. For such games like Smite, this is a perfect stimulus for the regular players to sharpen their skills in order to play professionally. Another point to consider here is that prize pools make the esports audiences perceive the tournament of the particular game more seriously. This boosts the total viewership on such streaming platforms like Twitch.

Secondly, Smite is the first among the famous MOBAs to be available on the Xbox One, thus being the multi-platform MOBA game which has many chances to become widely recognized around the world. In turn, this means that there are more people playing the game with already established console pro scene. Hence, in the betting business players have an incentive to place more Smite bets.

Lastly, Smite is more pleasing to watch in terms live match broadcasting in comparison to other MOBAs like Dota 2 or LoL. Smite has an enhanced spectator experience thanks to the free moving viewing camera.


We strongly believe that the current development of the Smite pro scene should not be considered a disadvantage. There is more time left for the bettors to become prepared for new opportunities with the broad knowledge about the game. For this reason, one of the best Smite betting tips will be to learn more, but where?

It is useful to start with playing the game and/or reading as many guides as possible. This is will help the player understand better what is actually going on during the matches on Smite tournaments. On Youtube, it is highly recommended to watch the clips of the World Championship matches either for the year 2015 or 2016. If you want just to read the information about the particular tournament, then the best idea will be to check Hi-Rez Studios esports page. Right there you may also find the advanced statistical data for each Smite team in the Pro League.

Another handy tip is to devote some time to studying the important Smite statistics for each pro player from the team the bettor is interested in. There are basic stats concepts that should not be overlooked when analyzing the performance for betting Smite. They are as follows:

  • K/D/A that stands for the total number of Kills, Deaths and Assists
  • GPM or Gold earned Per Minute
  • XPM – Experience Per Minute
  • Last Hits – how many minions did the player kill during the match

Overall, these are the general MOBA concepts, which are mostly familiar to the gamers.


It is quite important to understand Smite is a standalone game, which is making its way to the throne in esports. Well-known titles like SCII, Dota 2 or CS:GO represent the iterations of the games or modifications (like DotA) which captivated most of the audience at least a decade ago. Another title such as League of Legends is a separate game, but again it was inspired by the same mode as Dota 2. Smite was not so famous at the time of the release in comparison to aforementioned games. Nonetheless, right now the situation is completely different and Smite gambling is no longer a stumbling block for the players and betting operators.