eSports Betting with Bitcoins

Gambling and games of chance seem to be deeply engraved into the human nature, and something deep within us “forces” us to take risks and enjoy the adrenaline rush. Over the centuries, people have created various forms of gambling, and all of these methods have served to satisfy that inherent impulse. The games have evolved along with the human race, and even though the fundamental principle remained the same – the methodology has changed.

One example of this “evolution” is visible nowadays in our society, and we can be grateful that our generation is witnessing the birth of a new form of gambling. Yes, we are talking here about Bitcoin eSports betting, and this type of entertainment seems to be "taking over the world." More and more players are joining in, and this also means that more and more money is present in this sector, which attracts investors and sponsors.

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However, Bitcoins and eSports are relatively young additions to our world, and not all people are familiar with these terms. That is why we will first explain the two concepts before we proceed with presenting the idea of betting with Bitcoin on eSports websites.

What are eSports?

Video games that are played at a competitive level are called eSports, and as strange as this may sound to unaccustomed ears – this IS an actual sport. Yes, there is no running around after a ball or scoring goals, but the competitive aspect of the games and the fact that you have to outperform your opponent are enough to classify eSports with the rest of the more “traditional” sports. Furthermore, eSports are popular on a global scale, and several large international tournaments are attracting a significant number of spectators.

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The most important games that are played in these tournaments are DOTA 2, League of Legends, Call of Duty, Overwatch, World of Warcraft, Counter Strike, and so on. For example, the DOTA 2 International tournament in 2014 was a massive event that awarded over $20 million in prizes. A similar amount of money is present in the World Cyber Games, and that is why btc eSports bets can be a lucrative endeavor.

Bitcoins at a glance

Bitcoins are also relatively new phenomenon on the global financial sky, being introduced in 2008-09, but even such a short period was enough to increase the value of this cryptocurrency exponentially. Bitcoins are an entirely digital currency, and this fact is sufficient to provide you with a couple of reasons why you should bet on eSports with Bitcoin. Satoshi Nakamoto, which is a famous pseudonym of the inventor(s) of this cryptocurrency designed a closed system that allows “only” 21 million Bitcoins to be available to users, and mathematical formulas and complex algorithms are a trademark of this digitized money.

bitcoin at a glance

Because of this feature, Bitcoins are extremely safe, and it is very hard to hack the system, and users have very little or no worries of someone stealing their funds or robbing their accounts. Bitcoins are continuously increasing in value, and their current price is reaching thousands of dollars. Due to various benefits that this system offers, Bitcoins and eSports are a match made in heaven, and that is why you should consider investing in this field.

How to find the best website for bitcoin betting

As with all other activities on the World Wide Web, it is imperative that you look for a reliable and safe website if you are planning on depositing your hard-earned funds into their accounts. In other words, no one wants to see the site “magically disappear” as soon as the money transfer is over, and these scenarios can lead to a lot of headaches and frustration. To avoid these problems, every prospective investor should perform a little bit of research, and this small task can be a real lifesaver in the long run.

When it comes to betting on Bitcoin eSports betting sites, you should make sure that the website you are planning to sign up with is a safe and professional trading platform. Even though the world of eSports does not have an over-arching regulatory body, certain agencies are in charge of controlling the activities and operations in this sector. A seal of approval from one of those licensing structures should be clearly visible on all of the websites that you visit, and without this “evidence” of compliance with the regulations – never deposit your money!

How to find the best website for bitcoin betting

Also, if you visit one of the top Bitcoin eSports betting sites, you will see that the navigation is super-easy around the website and that all commands are intuitive and convenient. Without a responsive page, eSports betting providers could not attract and keep their customers, and that is why they are working hard on improving the quality of their service, and they try to offer better user experience to all players. If the menus are clear to understand, betting will be much faster, and this will eventually result in higher profits for both the players and the betting providers. That is why newcomers to the world of betting with Bitcoins should explore and look around first, comparing several websites, and only then can they acquire enough knowledge to make an informed decision and sign up with the right company.

The benefits of betting with Bitcoins

Bitcoins are well-known for their unique and original characteristics, and some of those features are perfectly matched with the world of eSports betting. That is one of the primary reasons for the increasing popularity of this trading method, and experts predict that Bitcoins and eSports will only grow in the upcoming period. Here are some of the most prominent benefits of investing your funds in Bitcoin cybersport betting:


Bitcoin transactions are free of charge, and this means that banks and similar organizations will not take any percentage of the transfer. Admittedly, these fees are generally small and insignificant to most people, but if you are planning on depositing money on a frequent basis – why not save a few bucks and avoid fees altogether?

Hassle-free payments

Because Bitcoins are not under the control of banks or governments, transfers are performed with the help of computers only, and this significantly increases the speed of the transfers. You will not have to prepare any documents, such as birth certificates, ID cards, and so on, and this convenient element is also one important reason why eSports bets Bitcoin are so popular all over the globe.

Anonymity and no regional restrictions

Besides the extremely fast processing, Bitcoins also allow its users to remain entirely anonymous if that is something they desire. Most people are not concerned with this aspect, but certain circumstances could create such a need. Betting with Bitcoins is almost untraceable, and no paper trail means that you are safe and no one will know that you won millions and millions of dollars in watching guys play video games. Similarly, your regional location is not something that is relevant when trading with Bitcoins, which means that you can bet without restrictions from any country in the world.

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Better bonuses and odds

Even though this may not be the case with every single betting site, but the majority of the websites that offer betting with Bitcoin will offer better bonuses and odds than those who are relying on traditional money-transfer methods. The reason for this is probably in the fact that the best Bitcoin eSports betting sites will have fewer costs regarding staff and customer support teams, and this leaves “space” for modifications in the amount of funds that they can allocate for promotions and bonuses. Also, their betting odds are better, and loyalty programs will reward any investor who makes frequent bets on one of these websites.

The future of eSports and Bitcoins

The vast majority of financial experts and analysts all agree on one thing – Bitcoins are the currency of the future. And even though the “future is now,” we can only expect additional growth of this system in the future. Similarly, competitive video gaming is a phenomenon that did not yet reach its peak, and constant rise in numbers are a clear indication that this form of entertainment will also stay with us for some time. Even though countries in East Asia, such as South Korea, Japan, and China, are the most “addicted” to eSports bets btc, other areas of the globe are also taking notice and more and more nations are being enchanted by the magical world of DOTA or League of Legends.

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Bitcoin betting games are here to stay, and it is evident that the world of videogames has evolved and progressed onto the next level. Not only that this form of gambling is entertaining and exciting, but it also offers a lot of other benefits as well. That is why eSports betting websites are the best course of action for anyone who likes to watch video games being played on a highly competitive degree. Fun and money combined in one activity – what could be better?