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5/5, as the domain name suggests, is an eSports oriented betting website. However, it does feature a hefty number of conventional sports betting options as well. Our review has led us to find out that the website (company) is owned and operated by, which is a reputable company for European gambling enthusiasts.

The website itself has been active as long as eSports have been on the rise, since 2016. The overall first impression that one may get from the website is that it’s neatly formatted, very responsive to mobile devices and works with pin-point accuracy. In fact, it is so neatly formatted that the App is not even required. review

However, we did encounter some technical difficulties when trying to follow links on the website’s footer. Pages such as news, betting rules and About Us were not accessible, but it was most likely that the website was undergoing an update at the time. Despite this small setback, we were still quite impressed by the website, as it was one of the best user-friendly designs we have ever seen. Most betting websites just smother the homepage with content and disorient the player. The fact that we were able to find the “place bet” button is a blessing in itself. We’re more than happy to see that somebody finally went with simplistic website design. Legal Information

As already mentioned the website is owned and operated by, which is registered and regulated in Malta. Due to the fact that the company is registered in such a massive gaming hub, it’s safe to say that our prerequisite question of whether or not can be trusted can be laid to rest.

You can find the company with its registration number of C74638, and office address of 111/2 Saint Lucy Street, VLT 1183 Valletta.

Furthermore, you can also check the company’s gambling license with the number: MGA/CL1/1425/2017. However, this is one of the many licenses that holds with the Malta Gaming Authority.

What games does offer?

Our first target when we started our review was to see how many games are available to bet on with the website. We were quite surprised to find out that there is not a large selection of games. However, it is the industry standard amount. The games offered by the website are:

Although it seemed like a small amount, in the beginning, it’s safe to say that these games cover nearly 80% of the eSports market, therefore other games did not need to be implemented.

Traditional Sports Betting might market themselves as the go-to eSports betting website, but there’s nothing stopping them from hosting traditional sports such as:

  • Football
  • Ice Hockey
  • Tennis
  • Basketball
  • Handball
  • American Football
  • Boxing
  • Cricket

The list is too large to feature here completely but you get the idea. The website hosts the most popular traditional sports for those interested in them, but the focus is still on eSports. Betting Options & Odds

The betting options on are quite linear, to be honest. But in the grand scheme of things, most people simply choose to bet on who’s going to win rather than points gathered by a team or points gathered by a single team member. The website saw through this increased demand on a single betting option and capitalized on it by focusing most of its resources in this one spot.

When it comes to odds, however, is able to compete with most of the other platforms. Odds can be as high as 98% for CS: GO, which is the most heavily gambled on eSports currently. betting options bonus and player benefits

One of the major benefits that players can have on the platform is, of course, the Promo Codes that the website distributes among influencers and encourages the players to register on the platform. The promo codes usually act as Welcome Bonuses and various other perks for beginners.

However, THE major benefit of the platform is the live stream betting options. Very few eSports betting operators commit to this type of value. Gamblers can just watch the game on the platform and bet as they go. The moment they see the game turning or something major happen with a team they can immediately close their bet, replace it, reduce it, increase it or start a completely new one.

Once again, there are very few websites that allow this type of gambling to occur on their platforms. The main reason is that they’d be subjecting their profits to risk, which no corporation in this would commit to. But bonuses and Promo codes make it possible for the operator to stay afloat while delivering such value to its customer base.

Payment Options On The Platform

Like any other gaming website, is also full of various payment options. However, what is most distinctive about the platforms payment channels is that they feature direct banks transfers as well as credit cards. payment options

The payment options on the platform are:

  • Bank Transfers
  • Visa/MasterCard – Minimum €10 – Maximum €50,000
  • Skrill – Minimum €20 – Maximum €1,000
  • Neteller – Minimum €20 – Maximum €1,000
  • Paysafecard – Minimum €10 – Maximum €500
  • Entercash
  • Sofort

All of the Minimum and Maximum amounts are for both deposits as well as withdrawals with no fees attached whatsoever.

Unfortunately, there are no cryptocurrency options or PayPal, but the sheer amount of payment channels available with the website is still more than enough for the players.

Is legit?

Overall, the website does bring a very strong case. Our review has found out quite a lot of advantages as well as disadvantages to the platform. In conclusion, there can be made a number of various points:

  • Access to the most popular eSports game bets
  • Limited betting options (only win/lose bets)
  • Diversified payment options without fees
  • Multiple licenses for the parent company located in the EU region
  • User-friendly interface with a responsive design for mobile users
  • Access to traditional sports betting
  • Live eSports betting with competitive odds
  • Multiple bonuses an promo codes for newcomers

Overall, is a solid gaming operator when it comes to eSports.

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