Why do you need to read eSports betting site reviews?

Choosing your first site for eSports betting may not be an easy task. In fact, there are many things that you have to consider before opening an account. Does the eSport bookie offer all of the games you want? Which payment systems does it support? Is it regulated? These and other questions should be asked by everyone who wants to bet on electronic sports.

Only honest eSports bookie reviews

We are strongly committed to delivering the best possible reviews in a clear and unbiased manner. It's recommended for everyone to read our eSports betting site reviews before making your choice. Yet we also understand that your time is precious. If you want to place a bet right now and don't know which site to use, simply choose one of the options on your right and open up an account with the best eSport betting site reviewed by us.


eSports site reviews methodology

It goes without saying that every betting site evaluation system is inherently different and there is no universal methodology for rating the esportsbooks. Keeping that in mind, we tried to approach this task from all angles to make sure that the most valuable criteria of assessing esports betting sites are considered.

Obviously, we cannot include any individual preferences, so we will focus on the main factors that determine a good online esports betting website. Click below for more info.

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Esports bookmakers rating: online reputation

The online reputation is of paramount importance when it comes to evaluating the website. Whenever you type in the name of the esportsbook, the search engine will show all the related links. We are lucky enough, because it has become very hard for the scams to sit in their hideouts. In other words, if the esports betting website is somehow involved in any suspicious activity, the Internet will respond to it in a blink of an eye. Thus, if there are any negative comments or esports bookmakers opinions, these links will appear as the most relevant.

Another way of viewing the reputation of esportsbook is by checking the social media. A lot of posts, or should we say social signals, is located in diverse social networks such Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and many others. The information posted there gives you the basic idea what to expect from the particular e-sports betting site.

Generally, client testimonials can serve as the good source of feedback. However, it is important for customer reviews to be objective. Indeed, the comment “The site is scam, I lost all my money” is insufficient to judge the betting operator. It is hard to define the reasons why the client has been unsuccessful at the certain esports betting website. Therefore, we advise you to read only those client esports betting site reviews that describe the individual experience in detail.

When preparing our reviews of esports websites, we consider the site’s reputation and the overall sentiment of clients towards the operator.

Client’s funds: ease of access and protection

For bettors, quick and secure access to their earnings is one of the crucial points to consider when choosing the esports betting website. Since this is the broad topic, let’s focus on the main factors that are included in the honest egaming site reviews.

The first criterion is the withdrawal process. Sometimes requesting the betting site for funds withdrawal is not easy, especially if the website has questionable reputation. Therefore, you need check how quickly the site accepts the withdrawal request. Usually the site will require uploading the necessary documents like copy of ID or the driver’s license to become eligible for the funds withdrawal. Essentially, if the withdrawal process seems to be more complex task than usual, consider asking customer support. If no response comes in time, this is the sign to go somewhere else. Objective betting site reviews are based on the real experience, so that you do not have to worry about risking your money.

Next thing that should be taken into account is the time needed for the funds to reach your pocket. The time needed for cashout is specified by the betting websites in the “Banking” disclosure. For example, at bet365 the withdrawal time for the payment cards is up to 3 days. Above we have mentioned how significant are the client reviews. Well, they might provide quite a lot of information about the cashing out. You should check them on various esports betting forums and other betting-related portals.

Once you know more about the safety of withdrawals, it is about time to see how many transfer methods are available for the website user. The options for making transactions most frequently include payment cards, wire transfers, e-wallets, money transfer systems and others. The total number of cash in/cash out methods depends on the esports betting operator. Follow top esports betting reviews to learn more.

Another aspect that should not be missed out of sight is the where the bettor’s funds are kept. The preferable option is a segregated account. To remind the term, a segregated account is a special bank account where the client’s funds are separated from the esportsbook money. The segregated funds mean that in the case of any financial hardships, the esports betting operator will never use your earnings for its own purposes. Thus, you will always be able to withdraw your profits whenever you deem necessary. Perhaps the only problem is that it is almost impossible to verify whether the operator segregates funds or not, so you will have to trust it on a word. If the betting site has a great and solid reputation, then funds segregation is unlikely to be just an empty promise. This part should not be overlooked when viewing the esports betting sites ranking.

Esports betting websites review: the product line

After verifying the reliability of the esports betting operator, it is significant to study the information about the available esports betting products and see how they correlate with your individual preferences. When assessing the esportsbook, the quantity of esports betting options is fundamental, though we cannot put the equality sign between quantity and quality. However, we still believe that the variety of esports coverage brings the customer satisfaction to a whole new level. When writing our reviews, we generally consider the availability of multiple titles an advantage.

The scope of betting options is a pretty personal factor. Simply put, different bettors would like to have various bet types. For some individuals, dealing with esports match betting at low limits is more than enough. The risk takers would probably expect the e-gaming betting operator to offer bets at high stakes. They need the opportunity to bet on the exotic results of the match or event. Anyway, we should remember that there is no golden standard for the betting product lineup. It also important to mention that the best esports betting sites review should contain all the information about the available kinds of bets.

Esports betting sites and regular sportsbooks: comparison

Esports betting is a relatively new industry in the gambling world. There are many websites that have set their primary or even entire focus on esports bets, e.g. Unikrn . On the other hand, you can access esports betting at already established traditional sportsbooks ( Betway , Pinnacle ). So what are the main distinctions and benefits of these two types?

Talking about esports betting websites in particular, we should say that they definitely offer more esports betting opportunities that conventional sportsbooks. This is expressed in the extended scope of bet products and also in the availability of extra features such as esports events streaming and many others. Unlike any other online betting websites, esports-focused betting sites will arrange more user-friendly environment for the gamer rather than the sportsbooks for which esports betting is just one of the many services.

Looks like esports-focused betting sites completely lead the way, but regular sportsbooks have their own ace in the hole. First of all, traditional online betting operators are well-established companies with an enormous experience in the market. This means that you will rarely meet scam sites among big online betting websites. On top of that, they offer more betting markets than merely providing esports. This might be considered as the lack of focus and it is in fact. However, for bettors that are interested in other online betting products and they just want to include esports in their betting menu, traditional sportsbooks can be a perfect choice. Finally, it is possible to go for high stakes at regular online bookmakers, as limits are much higher at these firms than at smaller esports betting operators.

Despite the differences between these type of esports betting providers, we recommend players to pick the esports bet website based on their primary needs. You should determine whether the website offers you the comfortable betting experience so that you would like to return there many times more. To get the best evaluation of the esports betting operators, it is recommended to check the rating of esports betting sites.

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Why Sportsbook E-Gaming Betting is better than Lounge Betting?

Lounge betting refers to unofficial or informal betting sites dedicated to the particular esports game. The most popular lounge sites are Dota 2 Lounge and CSGOLounge. Besides betting on the major esports events, these websites serve as the marketplace of exchanging in-game items like weapon skins or character sets. All the deals became possible thanks to the integration with Steam. Just to explain the logic behind lounge betting, here players utilize their items for bets. Unlike cash prizes, in lounge betting for winning the bet the player is rewarded with more in-game items. Although these sites can be great for gamers, in terms of esports betting they are worse than sportsbooks or even fantasy esports.

Why? Well, the unofficial nature of such markets arises a lot of question about the regulation and the frauds. In the majority of cases, you do not really know who is the operating the site. Likewise, you will unlikely find any info where the website is registered or obtain any other relevant legal data. On the other side of a coin, this data might be present in a well-written esports bookmakers review.

Secondly, on these marketplaces people quite often seek for opportunities to find someone who is willing to buy your in-game items for cash. In practice, this can be unjustifiably risky as the chances to encounter the fraud are increasing substantially. Furthermore, converting the in-game property in cash is usually a lingering process.

Therefore, online esports bookmakers seem to be the absolute winner against lounge betting sites. Dealing with sportsbooks alleviates all the risks associated with the absence of regulation or the degree of the website transparency. This is because big online betting websites are seriously regulated by the specialized organizations, usually governmental ones. Moreover, main sportsbooks are licensed and publicly traded. See top rated esport site reviews to check this.

Unlike the informal lounge betting sites, you always use cash at sportsbooks. For this reason, you will not have to worry about the current price volatility for the in-game items.

esports betting reviews

eSports Betting Sites Ranking: Welcome Promotions

It is always pleasant to get a nice bonus, especially in esports betting. The welcome promotions are offered by the online esports betting sites to the customer in order to establish long-term relationships. Each bonus has its own specific terms and conditions, often called “fine print” on the web. Fine print is usually written clearly, but if you have any questions regarding the bonus offer or wish to negotiate the bonus - then be free to contact the customer support of the esports betting site. We highly recommend you to avoid any promotional offers coming from the websites with questionable online reputation.

Terms and conditions of the promotions are unique at each betting operator. However, we can outline the fundamental conditions for receiving the bonus:

  • Expiry Date
  • Playthrough

Players should understand that the promotion will not be available all the time, so it is better to get it as soon as possible. In addition, the expiry date refers to the time frame during which the bettor has to meet other bonus requirements. This is when “playthrough” comes into play. Known more officially as the turnover, playthrough indicates that the particular bonus amount which has to be wagered. This is the obligatory condition to withdraw the bonus.

Generally, the most popular promotions are deposit bonuses and free bets. You will come across them almost in every esports betting websites review. About them we are going to talk further.

Best eSports betting sites review: Deposit Bonus and Free Bets

Deposit bonus has become a sort of an industry standard in esport betting . The vast majority of online esports bookmakers offer it as the boost for the cash put in. The betting website simply grants you extra money depending on how much funds you have deposited before. The bonus is available for some time after the account is created. There is always a temptation to withdraw the deposit bonus, but hold your horses. The esports betting website will never allow you to do this until you use the bonus cash in the bets. All the collected profits from the successful wager with bonus funds are yours. However, it is required to fulfill the necessary playthrough and only then the bonus will automatically become withdrawable. On a side note, always pay attention to the fine print of each deposit bonus that you are willing to activate.

Checking eSports betting website: Getting Free Bets

Free bets is another promotion that is now in fashion among online betting sites and esportsbooks are not an exemption. The conditions for this bonus type may vary, some online bookmakers might ask you to deposit funds, some not. Free bets can be categorized into 2 main types:

  • Free cash boost to make a wager. Note that the betting site does not permit to withdraw such bonus.
  • The betting operator will cover the loss incurred in one of the bets. Fortunately, the wager rebate does not trigger in case of winning.

Getting free bets is easy, but you should know that this type of promotion usually comes up with certain restrictions. They are specified in the terms and conditions of the bonus, but let’s view briefly the major limitations or requirements. A little foreword, the requirements for the bonus are not applied to overburden players, but rather use them as the prevention measures against the frauds.

First of all, eligibility for the bonus should be considered. If you are already registered at the particular esports betting operator, you will unlikely be allowed to receive some free bets. Not surprisingly, this bonus type mainly serves to increase the customer base, rather than rewarding existing clients. Next limitation is the playthrough once again. The bettor has to place the wager that involves at least some odds.

Free cash is not given out to everyone who asks for it. The betting sites usually require you to pass the account verification process, i.e. the player has to submit the documents that confirm the identity.

Many e-sports betting reviews draw the attention of the reader to the expiration date of the free bet bonuses. This means that the promo conditions have to be met in time.

eSports betting in different countries

It is common to consider esports betting the gambling Wild West. This, however, is far from the truth. eSports betting is a regulated industry, though not without some exceptions.

There are highly regulated markets where esports betting is supervised by the specialized authorities. One of the best examples is the United Kingdom with the strict regulatory environment. All trusted online esports betting operators that deliver their services to the UK citizens are licensed by the UKGC (the United Kingdom Gambling Commission). There are many global brands such as bet365 and Pinnacle that are officially regulated. As you can see, legality is one of the fundamental principles in the esports industry.

Of course, there are markets where the law is not enforced effectively or simply absent. Sometimes, regulatory institutions in such markets do not impose any sanctions on the frauds or even support their activity. These frauds are present in the esports betting market, but if you learn the necessary tips you will know how to avoid them effectively. Generally, we encourage you to approach the unregulated markets with a great deal of vigilance. Instead, sign up only with betting websites that operate in accordance with well-established jurisdictions.

There are some exclusive markets, where esports betting is banned almost in every form, e.g. the USA and South Korea. The prohibition is on the most official level and there are currently no perspectives for the policy to soften. In other regions, there are betting operators that tend to accept the clients from these countries illegally. However, this is immensely risky to bet on esports online in such a way, because this is the direct violation of the law. Such sites will not be included in our esports bookmakers rating for the sake of safety.

Are traditional sports betting and eSports betting legally identical?

As the matter of fact, esports betting is not separated from the conventional online sports betting in any existing law. This pushes to the point that all regulations concerning regular sports betting automatically apply to esports. Therefore, we may say that these two types of online betting are identical from the legal point of view, although this can change in the nearest future. This is because traditional sports betting and esports betting remain quite different forms of gambling. Nevertheless, until esports betting operators follow all the rules of the local regulators, there will be no issue with altering the policy regarding this kind of online betting.