Unikrn Betting Site Review – Unique Offers in eSports!

Unikrn Betting Site Review – Unique Offers in eSports!

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Unikrn has received high rates for its splendid betting services. The website operates with a special focus on esports, which makes it appealing for gamers and regular punters as well.

The fact that Unikrn is providing odds exclusively for esports tournaments without any traditional sports like soccer or basketball might be considered a pitfall, although this is not completely true. The business approach of Unikrn is to target the specific e-gaming betting markets. This ensures the higher quality of eSports wagering among other sportsbooks, which tend to offer eSports just as one of the many sections in the betting menu.

So yes, Unikrn lacks conventional sports betting options. Nevertheless, betting with Unikrn is advantageous and profitable. Having said that, we would like to tell more about this company further.

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When doing our research on Unikrn, we have succeeded in finding many facts about the company. First of all, Unikrn initially was a startup that had begun operating thanks to fundraising. The project turned out to be attractive for investors, so Unikrn received $3 million. The people behind Unikrn are Rahul Sood and Karl Flores.

The headquarters of the company is located in Seattle, the United States. Unikrn is not a no-name company, because it offers its esports betting services to Europe, Australia, and Asia too.

Is Unikrn legitimate? Our research confirms that yes. Unikrn is fully regulated by the UK Gambling Commission in the United Kingdom and it also has a license provided by the Gambling Supervision Commission in the Isle of Man.

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Since Unikrn has concentrated all its resources to allow wagering on esports, the bettor can expect a wide choice of games to bet on. The frequency of odds appearing for the matches at Unikrn depends on how many events are currently held.

We can outline the three most popular titles at this betting site further in our Unikrn review:

LoL is vigorously chosen by the players as the number-one game to wager on. Unikrn provides good odds on various LoL tournaments around the globe, not just the annual World Championship. Bettors receive access to different competitions in Europe, North America, Asia, and Australia. It is also worth mentioning that Unikrn provides much better functionality for LoL betting than any traditional sportsbook, e.g. Bet365.

Another game mentioned above in our review Unikrn is Dota 2. Unikrn caters to Dota 2 fans by offering a wide range of events to bet on, not just the International and Dota 2 Majors. In addition, the website offers CSGO betting, though the number of betting opportunities here might be slightly limited comparatively to LoL or Dota 2.

Someone might think that list of games ends at this stage, although we convince you that is not all. Unikrn also enables players to place bets on such esports as Starcraft II, World of Tanks, Heroes of the Storm (HOTS), Hearthstone, and the Call of Duty franchise. For sure, this number is going to grow with the expansion of Unikrn to other betting markets.


Generally, the vast majority of Unikrn site users are selecting 2 types of wagers for their favorite games. To give an example, the ordinary bettor can bet on the champion of the particular esports event or by telling which pro team is going to take the single match.

Now we would like to explain briefly how to place Unikrn esports bets. On the website, all odds are expressed in decimal format. To bet on the particular team to win the match, the player has to click the odds tab near the team name. Afterward, the bettor is expected to select the amount for he is ready to wager. Once the player does it, he will then have to place the bet.


Unikrn also gives the opportunity to place multiple bets on the website. This allows the punter to make several single selections and then just put all of them on one coupon. There is nothing complicated about bet options here. Thus, the player can place a single acca bet consisting of all the selections listed on the coupon in a single bet. On the flip side, the bettor can place a single wager on all of the selections.

The betting operator allows the client to see the potential returns for the acca bet. With the help of the Total Odds section, the player is able to check all the odds of the accumulator. Therefore, when the bettor places the wager on esports at Unikrn, he is able to evaluate the possible profits.


Currently, there are no special promotions like free bets and so on. However, Unikrn esports betting operator has developed plenty of useful articles which explain all facets of esports wagering. To give an example, the site users can access the latest news related to the esports industry in the “Press” section. Quite often, Unikrn publishes some analytical articles that pinpoint the winning chances of each team participating in the match or even in the whole tournament.

Another feature to mention is the inbuilt live streaming service. It allows thousands of viewers to watch the ongoing esports matches on a daily basis. It can be useful to analyze the team’s performance. After the solid analysis is conducted, the bettor can then place stakes right away.


You may read many Unikrn opinions which tell that the payment options at the website are pretty limited. In order to fund the account or making a withdrawal, the player can only use a credit/debit card – VISA or MasterCard.


Unfortunately, there are no special apps for Unikrn. This means that iOS and Android users have to access the website via the browser. Our Unikrn esports review has identified that the mobile version of the website is well optimized and is compatible with the majority of browsers, e.g. Google Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Safari etc.

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Betting with real cash is not the only service that Unikrn offers. In fact, the website has its own fake currency – Unikoins. Many Unikrn reviews admit the advantage of virtual betting here – the availability and legality in every country of the world, including the US and South Korea. A bit surprising is a fact that even 13 years old teenagers can bet with Unikoins.

Just to clear everything up, Unikrn delivers real money esports betting only to a limited pool of countries – The UK, New Zealand, Australia and Ireland. For other states, Unikrn permits solely Unikoins wagering. On top of that, Unikrn play-money bets can be a nice opportunity to do a bit of practice before stepping into live betting.

There are several ways to earn Unikoins. The first and the simplest way is to complete the site’s tutorial, which is especially informative for the beginner. The next method is to complete so-called “daily quests”. These quests often represent basic tasks such as sharing the bet to social networks like Facebook, answer the question about the particular game (e.g. how frequently does the Roshan spawn in Dota 2), placing the bet, etc. The other two common ways to get some Unikoins is to win the bets on various esports matches or by sending the referral bonus to friends.

Unikoins betting offers the same games as real betting, i.e. Dota 2, LoL, Call of Duty franchise, Starcraft II, WoT, and CS: GO. All the live matches are shown on the Unikrn bookmaker site’s betting menu.

The best part of Unikoins is the possibility to earn prizes. This stimulates users to participate in getting Unikoins and placing stakes with them. So, every player can enter a lottery known as “raffle” on the website. The more Unikoins the player puts in, the more chances are for him to win something special. Right now, the prize pool consists of the following things: Daily Funko doll, Gift Cards (e.g $100 on a Steam Wallet), CSGO skins, Dota 2 items, esports merchandise (pro-team keyboards, mousepads, etc), and less frequent large prizes such as gaming laptops.

Some skeptics, of course, label the website as “Unikrn scam”, but this has nothing to do with reality. All users that win the prizes for betting with Unikoins get them in time and without any problems. In the case of any issues, the player is free to contact highly responsive customer support agents.

FAQ on Unikrn Review

Is Unikrn legit?

Unikrn is a totally legit online bookmaker. The company has a reliable European license issued on the English Isle of Man. The bookmaker also has the headquarters there. Unikrn is working with GamCare, an organization that fights gambling addiction.

Another partner is the Esports Integrity Commission (ESIC). Unikrn users’ personal data is protected by 2048-bit encryption. Betting on this site is absolutely safe, and the chances of winning will always be honest. Overall, Unikrn is a safe bookmaker to place bets on eSports and the bookie does its best, and maintaining users’ privacy is the first and foremost priority.


Yes, Unikrn offers decent customer support. In the Contact Us section, you can submit an application by giving your phone number and email address. It will take 15 to 60 minutes for specialists to respond to a request. However, the support team is not available 24 hours a day, but only from 8 a.m. to 11 p.m. European central time. Requests are processed daily – but on holiday dates support can be on vacation.

The second way to get support is to go to the Help Center section. It publishes answers to the most common questions, and the information is very voluminous and detailed. There is also an alternative form to send a request to support. This form is better than the one in the Contacts sections. You can attach files (such as payment document screens) to it, as well as prioritize the application (from low to urgent).


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