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How to choose a Norwegian bookmaker and register for one?

Sports betting is legal in Norway as long as it is done through one of the state-owned monopolies’ websites. Nevertheless, Norwegian bookmakers are allowed to offer their services to people abroad and some of the internationally licensed betting sites are able to reach the Norwegian population as well, even though the latter activities would be considered illegal. Choosing the right bookmaker is extremely important, especially for people who are actively involved in sports betting. Small differences in the services they provide might add up to drastically different betting experience when the process is going on for months or years. In this article, we list some of the things that people should consider when choosing the right bookmaker.

Ways to choose the right bookmaker

Are there any bonus schemes?

Some of the betting sites will offer appealing bonuses for the users. There are those who offer bonuses on the first deposit, while others might ‘lend’ the users some funds periodically for a short period of time in order to use on their websites exclusively. These bonus schemes add fun to the experience of betting and might come in handy at times.

What are the depositing/withdrawal procedures?

At the core of online sports betting is the movement of funds in an out of the betting account. Depositing money is not always easy as the providers have to comply with many different regulations. Sometimes, this hinders them from offering a wide array of options. Depending on what is the preferred method of transaction for the customer, various deposit options might seem more appealing. It is necessary to do research on these issues when looking for the right bookmaker. One thing people forget when signing up for these websites is looking at the withdrawal procedures. Withdrawing funds is as important and it might create serious problems for the customers down the line if not researched well beforehand.

What sports are covered?

Some sports betting websites for Norwegians will limit their products to a few popular sports. Customers who follow sports that might not be considered very popular should definitely look into these options beforehand. If you think you might want to bet on a sport that is not very common on the betting websites, you might want to start your search by that parameter.

Customer service and the help center

As smooth a betting experience as a provider might offer, there are still some cases where users might need help or might have a question they need to ask a representative. In such cases, it is important that the provider has a good customer service and a help center. One way to judge different providers on this matter is by trying to reach the help center and assess the wait time or the helpfulness of the staff before actually signing up for their services.


Sometimes online reviews are confusing and fail to aid in making a decision. Nevertheless, the best way to gauge the appeal of a bookmaker is by looking at other people’s experiences. There are many review websites where people are able to post their opinions on various products. It could be a good idea to go check those posts out before making any final decisions.

How to register for the bookmakers?

Registering for these services should be pretty straightforward. Depending on your location and the regulations that the providers have to face, there might be more or less lenient customer identifications procedures. In most cases, it is necessary to have some sort of ID prepared for the registration procedure. Furthermore, if you want to move your funds in and out of the website using a credit/debit card, or a bank account, you should have that information readily available as well.
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