by David Konti on 22.08.2019

eSports entering the casino world

It is not entirely obvious how casinos became fascinated with eSports across the world, but it seems that the industries are finding each other to be more and more attractive. Although, it makes sense that two industries that are a subset of the single gaming industry have become attracted to each other, especially if you think about how the two might benefit each other. After all, eSports games such as overwatch are easy to make into slots, while those who compete in the eSports field may find financial gain from licensing their names for slots games. Although, whatever the reasons, the two industries seem to be in the process of coming together in ways that had not been expected before.

Betting and gambling, closer together

The act of betting on eSports has only recently managed to become as popular as it is right now. More and more companies are looking into allowing people to bet on eSports competitions. Many startups have started offering the chance to start betting on eSports and even large scale companies are offering the chance to bet one some of the more popular ones. The Draftkings CEO is one of the main drivers of the industry, believing that eSports betting has a lot of potential in the future. But as companies betting companies scramble to start offering eSports betting, many new Aussie online casino sites are starting to offer the option to start dealing with eSports as well. Some of these casinos are starting to offer the option of simply betting on eSports, making their way into becoming eSports betting companies, while others are starting to offer, or at least are looking to offer slots and games that are based on eSports. This is a complicated process, as not all companies that offer popular eSports are willing to provide the licensing required for casinos to start producing slots that are themed around the popular eSports. Which is why casinos are starting to look into other ways of getting eSports popularity to benefit

Sponsorship deals

Casinos have long found that providing sponsorship to certain sports teams allows them to create a bigger following of users for their products. So, many casinos from around the world, online or offline, are starting to build relationships with eSports teams and even individual eSports stars. More and more players are getting sponsorships from different casinos and thus displaying the brand logo on their clothes, or on their gear. This marks the start of a trend, one which is only going to become more popular in the near future. The benefit goes two ways, as the eSports industry is still in its youth, it is in dire need of financing that would allow the teams and the championships to grow. While the industry is growing, the marketing that casinos will be able to do with them will be able to grow in the number of people that are successfully marketed to thanks to the timely involvement in the industry. But, just like there are positive aspects for both industries, there are concerns that are being raised by certain parties within the industry.

Concerns over who is betting

A recent study found that a significant number of people that are involved in eSports betting are kids. This has been discovered through the calculation of engagement of tweets regarding eSports betting, which found that a quarter of the engagement comes from children too young to be allowed to gamble. This has been raising concerns around the world, as regulators are starting to consider the effects that marketing betting and gambling to children might have. Especially when the industry being discussed is one that is dominated by underage individuals who are drawn into the industry because of their love of gaming. Many believe that the industry requires a different set of rules for marketing, especially when it comes down to casinos and betting venues. The fact that the industry is disproportionately representative of children, who are incredibly impressionable when it comes to the subject of gaming, gambling and addiction, is driving a conversation that is going to be integral to determining what the marketing within the industry looks like in the near future. 

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