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Fnatic seals a deal with

Fnatic, a professional eSports organization based in the UK has partnered up with an eSports betting platform, reports Casinopånett EU portal. Fnatic was founded in 2004 and has a team in many different games including Counter-Strike, League of Legends and Dota 2. Fnatic’s League of Legends team currently holds a record for most titles in League of Legends Championship Series. The organization has fielded many successful teams across different games. betting platform caters solely to the eSports fans and offers many different services and products including various types of bonuses, rewards programs and much more.
The partnership of these two companies aims to raise awareness on eSports and promote responsible betting on the matches. “We’re excited to have found a partner in, who are passionate about esports and competition as we are. Watching and following your favourite teams and players can be enjoyed in different ways and is adding to that experience. And for the eligible Fnatic fans it just provides another opportunity to benefit from our winning teams!” – commented the CEO of Fnatic, Wouter Sleijffers.

Representatives from both companies expressed their enthusiasm with the new deal

The statement on’s website echoes Fnatic’s sentiment: “We will be working together to continue to grow the esports scene and make the entire experience even more fun for fans around the world. Esports is built on passion. This shines through from everyone at Fnatic – from the players, to the people behind the scenes, to all of their fans out there. We are so excited to share that passion and work with one of our favorite esport organizations of all time.” The co-founder of, Kevin Wimer, also made comments on the agreement saying: “Esports continues to grow rapidly, and as such the demands of fans are changing. has been designed to adapt to this change by creating a platform that adds to the excitement of gameday, while doing so in a responsible and regulated fashion. Betting is here to stay, and at Rivalry our goal is to meet the demand with an incredible product while staying true to our roots and supporting the community along the way.”
It is interesting to see what comes out of the deal. eSports are developing at a rapid pace and more people are becoming involved with it on a professional level or simply as fans. According to some estimates, the number of people watching eSports will grow to over 420 million by 2019. Partnerships like this can serve as catalysts to accelerate this process without letting it get out of hand. The same way it is for traditional sports, the sport itself should come first and betting next. The promotion of responsible betting should aid the companies to get this point across to the eSports audience.

Fnatic’s Counter Strike: Global Offensive team has won three Global Offensive Majors

One of the most successful teams under Fnatic is its CS:GO team, which is based in Sweden. It is the only team that has been able to achieve ‘Legend’ status at all ten events. The team is currently comprised of Jesper Wecksell, Robin Ronnquist, Freddy Johansson, Richard Landstrom, Andreas Samuelsson, Jimmy Berndtsson and William Sundin. “Since the team’s transition to Global Offensive in the winter of 2012, Fnatic CS:GO has been the golden idol in what greatness means in Counter Strike; the case study for success whose trophy laden legacy eclipses all elite teams,” – states Fnatic’s website in its description of the CS:GO team.
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