by David Konti on 25.06.2019

Ninja failed to qualify for Fortnite World Cup, will go as spectator instead

The world’s most popular Fortnite player and one of the most popular streamers, Tyler “Ninja” Blevins has failed to qualify for the Fortnite World Cup Finals.

The tournament will be happening next month in New York City, and almost everybody was expecting Ninja to perform. But it looks like popularity doesn’t directly translate into overwhelming skill and expertise at the game.

Although Ninja is more than capable of performing at the World Cup Finals, his spot was cut short due to a lack of 25 points for the minimum 89 needed.

The game was played alongside his partner Reverse2k, who he briefly addressed in his tweet where he announced the defeat.

Despite the loss, Ninja will still be attending the tournament as a regular spectator and cheering on those who managed to pull through to the finals.

A huge event

It’s not clear whether on not Ninja’s loss will affect the number of spectators during the games, but the fact that the man has quite a large traction behind him cannot be taken lightly.

It’s imperative for the organizers to push the event even harder and hopefully use Ninja’s help in convincing the fans to either show up or at least watch the even online.

Despite numerous accusations of how Ninja doesn’t care about the game, it’s expected that he will still try to promote the event and call his audience to take part.

Will it affect the odds?

There are two scenarios that sportsbooks and bettors can expect from this news. If Ninja fails to help in the promotion phase of the event, the odds are likely to decrease due to low traction, but should the interest remain the same, there’s no real difference to be expected.

Overall, the whole profitability of betting on Fortnite’s World Cup Finals depends on how well the marketing team manages the loss of a start among one of the competitors.

The event will take place in New York City, starting from 26th of July and ending on the 28th. The prize pool is $30 million and the tickets are all but gone.

Author: David Konti

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