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How to select the best eSports betting bonuses from Norwegian bookmakers?

In the last decade, eSports have become extremely popular, drawing audiences that rival traditional sports like football and basketball. Naturally, as with any other sport, there are people who want to support their favorites by betting money on them. As long as there’s demand, there is going to be the supply as well so many bookmakers have started to offer betting on eSports. When people want to start betting on these games, they have to choose which bookmaker to use and one of the ways to do that is by looking at the bonuses they have to offer. Bonuses will differ in their appeal, so here are some of the criteria to judge eSports betting bonuses by.

What are the eligibility requirements for the bonus?

Sometimes Norwegian sports betting websites will advertise their bonuses without clearly indicating that there are some eligibility requirements in order to receive that bonus. These restrictions could be on location, the size of the deposit or other criteria. Customers who find the bonus appealing might open an account and deposit money only to find out later that they don’t meet the eligibility requirements. Consequently, before making any final decisions it is better to research the bonuses well and see if you meet all of the eligibility requirements.

What type of bonuses are offered?

There are various types of bonuses eSports betting websites might offer their customers. While there is no clear way to say which one is the better one, people have their preferences. Before opening an account it is better to choose a website that suits your preferences the best. Types of bonuses that might be offered include initial deposit bonus, refer-a-friend bonus, cash back bonus, free bets bonus and others. The initial deposit bonus will be given only once, while refer-a-friend bonus might be obtained a few times.

What are the rollover requirements?

Rollovers are a big part of sports betting. What it means is the number of times a player has to bet the bonus amount before they are allowed to withdraw the winnings. So, for example, if the bonus is $200 and there is a 5x rollover, the user will have to place $1,000 in bets before they are allowed to withdraw any winnings. Usually, the larger the bonus, the higher the rollover requirements. There might be minimum odds requirements as well i.e. some bets that have lower than the minimum odds will not count towards the rollover.
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