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Basics by alex 2018-10-04

eSports degree is the most popular degree of the future

Are the working the very hard 24/7, 168-hour workweek of a parent? Then you probably know the pain of having your children play way more video games than doing their homework, chores or reading a book. Depending on how you look at video games the recent news will either shock you to your core, make …

Money by alex 2018-09-17

Fnatic seals a deal with Rivalry.gg

Fnatic, a professional eSports organization based in the UK has partnered up with Rivalry.gg an eSports betting platform, reports Casinopånett EU portal. Fnatic was founded in 2004 and has a team in many different games including Counter-Strike, League of Legends and Dota 2. Fnatic’s League of Legends team currently holds a record for most titles …

Basics by alex 2018-09-12

eSports in Asia and its key differences from Europe

Competitive video gaming is certainly gaining steam all over the world, but Asia reserves a special place. The Asia-Pacific accounts for 51% of the global eSports audiences according to the NewZoo report. In terms of the revenue generated, only South Korea and China combined brought 23% of the global eSports revenue in 2017. This is …

Progaming by alex 2018-09-11

Top eSports tournaments to watch in 2019

As this year is slowly nearing towards the end, we have witnessed great tournaments in 2018. Some of the most anticipated ones, like the League of Legends World Championship, are still underway, but it’s already quite intriguing to know what to expect from the eSports scene in 2019. In this writing, we have gathered the …

Industry by alex 2018-09-10

How do PUBG and Fortnite influence CS:GO popularity?

Battle royale genre has literally flooded the gaming industry since 2017 and the trend does not show the signs of stopping. There are, however, two absolute dominant forces in the realm of battle royale – PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG) and Fortnite. Both these games contributed to the wide popularization of the genre in the public. Yet …

Basics by alex 2018-09-09

Will eSports make it to the Olympics?

The stellar rise of eSports couldn’t remain unnoticed. Although the competitive video gaming has been more associated with the entertainment so far, it can actually get a recognition of the full-fledged sports discipline soon. To be more specific, the International Olympic Committee (IOC) is discussing the real possibility to include eSports in the 2024 Games …

Industry by alex 2018-09-08

What are the top jobs in eSports and how to get one?

eSports took over the gaming industry by a storm. Global audiences in eSports are increasing every year, more tournaments get featured and prize pools are growing faster than ever. According to Newzoo 2018 report, with the current growth trajectory, the eSports economy will reach the size of $1.4 billion by 2020. As the market develops, …

Money by alex 2018-08-28

The popularity of eSports in Nordic countries and its impact on the bookies

eSports are a recently emerged form of competition that centers around various video games. Professional players with experience playing a certain computer game gather and enter a tournament, which is often observed by a live audience similarly to the traditional sports as well as streamed online. There are several genres in eSports, including real-time strategy, …

Basics by alex 2018-08-25

How to select the best eSports betting bonuses from Norwegian bookmakers?

In the last decade, eSports have become extremely popular, drawing audiences that rival traditional sports like football and basketball. Naturally, as with any other sport, there are people who want to support their favorites by betting money on them. As long as there’s demand, there is going to be the supply as well so many …

Basics by alex 2018-08-24

How to choose a Norwegian bookmaker and register for one?

Sports betting is legal in Norway as long as it is done through one of the state-owned monopolies’ websites. Nevertheless, Norwegian bookmakers are allowed to offer their services to people abroad and some of the internationally licensed betting sites are able to reach the Norwegian population as well, even though the latter activities would be …

Money by alex 2017-06-19

eSports, the $5 billion industry

Have you wondered how some people make staggering amounts of money by playing online games? The numbers don’t lie, there are players right now that make more than a $1,000,000 every year. The numbers are getting bigger at a very fast pace, eSport prize pool for major tournaments is getting gigantic every year.

Industry by alex 2017-06-19

Biggest eSports tournaments

Talking about eSports tournaments nowadays has become something very natural, especially these past few years, when the tournaments that have prize pools that reach tens of millions of dollars and fill out stadiums that can hold as much as 40,000 people without taking into consideration how many people watch them from their homes, which by …

Basics by alex 2017-06-19

A brief history of eSports

It was not long ago where eSports was not even a word let alone the phenomenon that it currently is. It had humble beginning where many casual gamers gathered around with friends and made small tournaments just to have fun and create a sense of competition. That was back then when video games were very …

Progaming by alex 2017-06-19

Biggest eSports teams

It is quite fascinating that we can discuss the greatness of eSports teams. Two decades ago if you would have told someone that you can read an article about eSports teams they probably would not have believed you, and rightfully so. The eSports scene has taken giant steps in a very short amount of time, …

Basics by alex 2017-06-19

What is eSports and why is it great?

The unseen giant, this might be quite the synonym for eSports. While it continues to become more famous and attract millions and millions of players each day, to some it is still nothing but video games. But one thing is for sure eSports can’t be ignored because it already is a multibillion dollar industry and …

Progaming by alex 2017-06-19

Is eSports a real sport?

It’s incredible to think how fast some things change. Video games have been considered as only recreational and have been mostly targeted towards the younger audiences; the fact that today I am writing an article and discussing whether eSports can be in the same conversation as the regular sports or if they’re just a competition …

Money by alex 2017-06-19

How to invest in eSports?

With the popularity that eSports have gained during this past decade for many investors it has been a goldmine. The revenue is in millions, the fan base is increasing by a large percentage each year, there have also been talks that in a couple of years that eSports will be a member of the International …

Industry by alex 2017-06-19

eSports statistics 2017 revealed

The eSports industry is having an incredible run so far. Everything points that way, starting from the viewership that is crossing millions and millions across the world to the growth that it is showing when it comes to earning money and the expansion that it is having worldwide. The year 2017 will continue to show …

Money by alex 2017-06-19

eSports progamer salary

The most consistent stereotype that has managed to survive for many years now is that the eSports industry can’t offer people long-lasting jobs or jobs that pay well enough. With the recent boom of the eSports industry we can safely say that now people have many choices in the eSports world. The eSports compensations may …

Progaming by alex 2017-06-19

Does Female eSports exist?

The existence of eSports is a strange thing to many people let alone the existence of the female eSports, the interesting part about this is that when we take into consideration the fact that gaming and eSports are becoming a billion dollar industry, the female eSports isn’t so far-fetched anymore. The stereotypes that gaming is …

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